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We are living in the 21st century and people nowadays have some crazy ideas to share, Dubai is a city with crazy people, many entrepreneurs are starting new ventures there, here we are mentioning the details to reach investor for startups in Dubai. This might be a result of getting much knowledge and inspiration from the internet. The youth of the world have access to almost every kind of news and innovation in the world and it can inspire them to have their own ideas. They start off by incorporating their ideas in some school projects and moving forward those people have unique business ideas to put on the table. 

The startups with brilliant ideas are aiming to get their operations up and running. They start from a humble background and eventually they surprise the masses. It is a well-known fact that no startup begins with ultimate success. They thrive on it. It is not a secret that all the startups have a modest beginning and over time it grows. One of the main reasons is the lack of financial support. One thing that every startup has to go through is to find good investor for startups in Dubai. They have to expand the business by the help of some external financial resources in order to compete with their fellows. While a tiny percentage of companies are lucky enough to expand according to the strategy, the vast majority of successful startups have gone through multiple rounds of external funding. These funding rounds allow outside investor for startups in dubai to put money into a developing firm in exchange for equity, or a portion of the company’s ownership.


Dubai is a well-known fanciest city that anybody knows. The city is known for its lavish living, eye-catching architecture, fancy cars, and whatnot. But it is also known for its ever-increasing startups. Startups are the country’s bread and butter, accounting for 88 percent of the region’s deal value. Between 2009 and 2019, the country saw 859 startup launches, with 76% of these still active and 52 still in operation. Startups in the United Arab Emirates are robust and innovative, contributing to the country’s thriving and expanding startup ecosystem.

One of the most well-known startups was Careem. Careem was founded in 2012 in the United Arab Emirates by Abdulla Elyas, Magnus Olsson, Mudassir Sheikha, Wael Nafee. It is a cab ride startup which helps people commute from one place to another. The application helps people to connect with available drivers in their area. Careem has already taken the automotive industry by storm, having raised $771.7 million from 22 different investors, and the company has also been acquired by global giant Uber.

Investor for Startups in Dubai


Whether you live in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Ajman, it is simple to find locally based investment opportunities that meet the requirements of your project or new venture. Whatever your preferred business market is, the Middle East Investment Network is certain to have a UAE entrepreneur with a proposed business plan in that sector.


Wamda accelerates entrepreneurship ecosystems across the Mena region by partnering with Wamda’s multi-stage, sector-agnostic investment vehicle, focused on partnering with high growth technology or technology-enabled startups, as well as the leading knowledge platform offering integrated programmes such as thought leadership and research, community development, Wamda’s fellowship programme Wamda X, as well as corporate and government advisory services to the various stakeholders.

Wamba-X is a grant-based fellowship programme for founders that aims to pave the way for them to become entrepreneurs.


Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA), a Dubai Future Foundation initiative, facilitates collaboration between government entities and private sector organizations, as well as start-ups, scale-ups, and innovative SMEs from around the world, to co-create solutions for future challenges.


In 2019, 219 start-ups collaborated with government entities on 97 challenges, and 71% of start-ups signed contracts to implement new projects with partner entities.


The recently launched Nasdaq Dubai Growth Market is a landmark initiative that will assist young businesses and small and medium-sized businesses in reaching the next stage of their growth by raising capital through an initial public offering (IPO).


The Nasdaq Dubai Growth Market will allow rapidly expanding businesses to achieve a streamlined and cost-effective listing on the region’s international exchange. The Growth Market, which is part of the Dubai Future District project, will welcome not only companies from the UAE, but also companies from around the world to help them expand in the region and internationally.


The Middle Eastern branch of Angel Investment Network is an excellent online resource for investor for startups in Dubai and entrepreneurs looking for business partners, seed capital to start a business, and private funding to expand their business. Through a simple registration process on our network, you can make connections within the city, country, or region of your choice.


It is no longer necessary for UAE entrepreneurs to relocate to a top development city in order to start and fund a business. Whether you live in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Ajman, it is simple to find locally based investment opportunities that meet the requirements of your project or new venture.


DAI is a member-led Micro-VC with over 100 like-minded investors. They are inspired by entrepreneurs and teams who have used drive, energy, determination, and ambition to take their ideas from proof of concept to customer traction to scale.

DAI Invests in early-stage technology companies with high growth potential in the Seed and Series A rounds.

The fact that they are not a fund distinguishes them. Our angels include seasoned investor for startups in Dubai, tech entrepreneurs, venture fund partners, senior executives of successful companies, and one institutional investor. Leverage their collective experience as well as our extensive network of contacts to add value to our investees by opening doors and mentoring them.

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