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StartupNoon helps businesses and startups’ founders to enhance their strategies by reading growth tips and case studies. 

The growing competition in entrepreneurship has accelerated every individual like never before. From a one-man army to a team with few talented individuals and finally being a giant in their own fields, Startups always have a unique story to tell.

The journey of a startup starts with creating or providing a product or service under extremely uncertain situations. A roller coaster ride of a founder’s dream to the reality that guarantees that they possess some intellectual and artistic abilities. And to prove that it is building a startup is not a shot in the dark. But all these startups went through a similar learning experience where they have growing challenges that are extensive and stretched beyond their group.

To provide a helping hand and some expert guidance StartupNoon was founded in the fourth quarter of 2020. Our group consists of industry experts with a keen eye on the latest development and advancements for Startups. By working with a group of enablers we make sure to leave no stone unturned to share advice and inspiration with early entrepreneurs. There is a famous saying:

 If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together. πŸ’ͺπŸš€

StartupNoon is a platform that was created to help startups and entrepreneurs in their journey toward success and glory.

Relating to startups, StartupNoon provides detailed explanations about the funding criteria for startups. We have also covered some must known startup fundings around the world to inspire upcoming entrepreneurs. In addition, to aid startups and get them out of the challenges, StartupNoon has a wide range of content to improve your tech stack.

The content ranges from the trending topics that you need to learn in order to step up in the IT industry. Or general technical difficulties and social media roadblocks that we might face in our day-to-day life. As we know, with any new product or business, there has to be a good marketing strategy. Marketing plays a major role in the development of a company or its product. And StartupNoon has content that sheds light on some marketing strategies and tools that will aid in your startup journey.

Since, the writers on our platforms have a major interest in Startups, Business, Technology, and Marketing, it is safe to say that the information provided on our platform is authentic and worth reading. 

StartupNoon Insights ⚑

StartupNoon Insights ⚑

Since StartupNoon was founded in the fourth quarter of 2020, the average visits of the platform have surpassed 10,000 monthly.

The majority of our audience is based in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and India. The niche of our platform is for Startups and Technology,

The majority of the visitors to our website are Startup Founders, Marketing Managers, and SEO Practitioners.

With the help of our talented group, StartupNoon has created a genuine audience that reaches out to the platform whenever they need any help. This is the reason that our platform has been featured in many business magazines.

Our team of talented individuals is working remotely from all parts of the world. The team works under the agency named, Rackup. The ease of working remotely has created an atmosphere that works for the benefit of all of us. 

The Founder of StartupNoon 🧠

StartupNoon was founded by Jay, who himself has expertise in scaling up the SaaS from the early stages. He completed his diploma in Software Development from Aptech Computer Education in 2017. Later, he got certified as a Content Marketer by Moz Academy in 2018. He has worked with many SaaS startups for SEO and PR backlinks. His expertise resides in utilizing the budget of big companies like GetResponse, and PicsArt for SEO. This helps to get good returns by building HQ, and PR backlinks and increasing a company’s presence on search.

Jay’s extensive experience has helped him to increase traffic by 105% in 3 months for VOD Startup. He has built more than $100K value of links for Shopify United Kingdom, Singapore, and India.

In addition to StartupNoon, Jay has founded a local startup named β€˜ Quick Darzi ’. This helps people in their day-to-day stitching needs via an application. The application is in the user testing phase to analyze and befit it according to market needs and requirements.