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Facebook is a social media behemoth, with billions of users. But I can’t tell you how many people use it; I can only tell you that there are a lot of them. Some of those billion people are creators of material, while others are spectators.

As a result, the viewer views the films, and anything they see is kept in their history. However, I am not implying that content producers do not watch videos; they do, and anything they see is likewise saved as history on Facebook.

This isn’t the case. You’ve come to this page because you’d like to know how to delete video history or video watched history. Let’s get started on the solution.

How to Delete Video Search History on Facebook’s Android App.

To erase video search history from the Facebook app, go to the activity log option, then search for and delete video search history.

1) Open the Facebook app from the app drawer.

2) From the upper right corner of the Facebook app, select “Hamburger Menu.”

3) Scroll to the bottom and select “Settings & Privacy.”

4) From the menu that displays, choose Settings.

5) Select the “Activity Log” option under the “Your Information” menu.

Following that, you will notice a blue tab. Scroll down until you see the video search history, then touch on it. Here’s an example of how it appears.

6) Select “Three Dots” to remove video search history.

Tap on “clear video search history” to remove all video search history with a single click. After that, your whole history will be erased.

How to Delete Facebook Video Search History | Desktop

1) Launch any browser and enter Facebook.com in the address box.

2) Select the “Drop-Down” option.

3) From the choices drop-down box, select Settings & Privacy.

4) Next, select “Activity Log.”

5) Select the first tab, which is the video choice you sought for.

6) To delete a specific search history, click the three dots.

7) To wipe all search history, click the clear search history button.

Following that, either all of your history or a selected history will be wiped, depending on your preference.

You may wish to erase your video viewed history after removing your video search history, so here it is.

How to Delete Facebook Video Watch History on Android

To do so, navigate to the blue tab’s activity log option, look for the video viewed tab, and remove the history.

1) Begin by opening the Facebook application.

2) Select the Hamburger option from the hamburger menu.

3) Preferences & Privacy.

4) Log of Activities

5) Look up Video Viewed.

6) Tap three dots to erase particular video watch history or clear video watch history to delete all video watch history at once.

How to Delete Facebook Video Viewed History | Desktop

1) Go to www.facebook.com.

2) Click on the Drop-Down menu.

3) Preferences & Privacy

4) Keep an activity log.

5) Select the videos you’ve seen.

6) Tap three dots to erase particular video watch history or clear video watch history to delete all video watch history at once.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to delete your Facebook video history and video watched history. Tell me why you’re erasing your video history in the comments section. Immediately. Consider distributing it via social media.

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