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You joined Discord because you were invited. However, after downloading the mobile version, you may be wondering how to utilize Discord on your phone. You’re not by yourself. The software seems difficult at first when compared to other chat apps. But don’t be concerned. I’m here to assist you. This beginner’s lesson will teach you the fundamentals of using Discord on Android and iPhone.

What Is the Discord App?

To begin, Discord is similar to any other chat program, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger etc. but with additional functionality. If you have ever used Slack, you’ll be perfectly at home with Discord because it’s quite similar to it.

In Discord, you may send direct messages, audio and video chat, and even share your screen. It is a cross-platform software that is free to use. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, the web, and even Linux.

Discord was originally designed to allow multi-player gaming players to voice communicate in real time. However, it is increasingly also used for general communication. Many influencers and businesses have their own Discord servers, which brings us to our next point.

Discord Servers, Channels, and Categories

Discord’s appeal stems from its servers. It’s easy to mistake a Discord server for something you’d have to host yourself, but this isn’t the case.

Servers are merely collections of workspaces. You can join more than one Discord server. Each server is divided into smaller groups known as channels. Discord has two types of channels: text and voice. The text channels are distinguished by the hash (#) sign distinguishes text channels, whereas the speaker icon distinguishes voice channels.

A text channel is similar to a typical group chat in that you may exchange text messages, GIFs, stickers, and share photographs. A voice channel is a continuous audio chat room or drop-in room. You may listen to discussions or talk as soon as you enter a voice channel. It’s similar to Clubhouse or Facebook Rooms in that you may join or leave at your leisure without having to contact anyone.

How to Make a Discord Account?

Install the app on the device and register using your email or phone number. When you create an account, you will be prompted to provide a username. Discord usernames are made up of two parts: a username followed by a # and a four-digit number, such as mehvish#1224.

The first portion of the ID, namely the username, does not need to be unique. However, Discord suggests a four-digit number, which is what distinguishes the complete username. The first portion may be updated at any time under My account, but the number tag requires Discord Nitro (more on that later).

How to Use the Discord Interface?

After creating an account, you will be directed to the app’s main screen. Because the user interface becomes frightening, many consumers simply remove the program at this point. But, if you’re patient, you’ll be a pro by the end.

The Direct Messages screen will appear, with circles on the left side. Discord servers are represented by these circles. Because you are not currently connected to any server, you will see three icons: the Direct messages tab, a circle with a plus icon, and a hub icon.

The following tabs can be found at the bottom:

  • Icon for Discord: Servers and Direct messages are represented by the first symbol on the left. When you wish to connect to a server or send a direct message, tap this symbol.
  • Person: This is the Friends page, where you can examine your friend list and check friend requests and suggestions.
  • Search: This tab allows you to rapidly search and join conversations, channels, or servers.
  • Mentions: This is the notification tab where you will be alerted if you are mentioned.
  • Settings: The final icon on the right side leads you to user settings, where you may update your profile and account settings, log out, and do other things.

How to Add Friends on Discord Mobile and Check Friend Requests?

To add friends, you must know their full username. Once you’ve done so, go to the bottom of the Discord program and hit on the Friends tab. At the top, click the Add friend icon. This is where you’ll discover the buddy requests.

Enter the person’s username in the available area and click the ‘Send Friend Request button’. You will be able to communicate with the individual once they accept the request.

Starting a Private text, Voice, or Video chat with a friend

Once you’ve added friends to Discord, tap on the name of the person you wish to talk with in the Friends tab. There are three buttons to choose from: Message, Call, and Video.

Alternatively, after you begin speaking with someone, their name will appear in the Direct Messages area on the first screen. To access the chat thread, tap on their name. And then, at the top, tap on the Video or Voice call icons to call them. You may share the screen after starting a video call by pressing the Share screen button.

The messaging area is located at the bottom, much as in standard chat programs, with the option to add emojis, GIFs, stickers, or transmit files using the add (+) symbol.

How to Modify Discord’s Online Status?

When you are online, Discord will display your buddies a green dot by default. The icons on the Settings page at the bottom allow you to check your online or active status.

To alter your status, go to Settings and choose Set status. Select your chosen status. If you don’t want anyone to know you’re online, select the Invisible status.

How to Join a Server?

To join a server, you must first obtain an invitation link for the server. Request that the server admin or a friend provide you the server link. Once you have the link, click the (+) symbol in the left sidebar. You will be brought to the Create server screen.

  • At the bottom, tap the Join server or Join a buddy on Discord option.
  • Then, paste the invite URL into the text area.
  • Alternatively, when you receive a Discord server link, simply touch it to access it in Discord. To join the server, click Accept invite.

You will be sent to the server, where you will find several text and speech channels organized into categories. To open a channel, tap on it. After joining a server, you will see the old communications in a Discord channel, just like you would in a Telegram channel or group.

How to Find and Browse Discord Mobile Servers?

You can join public or random servers if you do not have an invitation link to any server. You may browse and explore public servers using the Discord desktop software. The same capability, however, is currently lacking in mobile apps.

However, public servers may be found on third-party websites such as Disboard, top.gg, Discord.me, and DiscordServers.com. Look for a server that you’d want to join and click on it to see its description and information. Click the Join button.

Creating a Discord Server

Aside from joining servers, you may also establish your own for free. To establish a server, tap the + (Add) symbol in the left sidebar and follow the on-screen instructions.

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