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DriveEzMD is the official website and app for managing E-ZPass and video tolling payments in the state of Maryland. This guide will provide an overview of using DriveEzMD to pay Maryland tolls quickly and easily.

Creating a DriveEzMD Account

To pay Maryland tolls online, you’ll first need to create an account on DriveEzMD.com. Click “Sign Up” and choose either E-ZPass or Pay-By-Plate.

For E-ZPass, you’ll enter your vehicle and payment information to obtain a transponder device that deducts tolls automatically from your prepaid balance when driving through participating facilities.

For Pay-By-Plate, your license plate will be detected and tolls charged to your registered credit card. No transponder is needed.

Adding Vehicles to Your DriveEzMD Account

Under your account, you can add multiple vehicles that will be linked for toll payments. Have your vehicle registration card handy to enter details like make, model, year, color, and license plate number.

For E-ZPass, you’ll need to assign a transponder to each vehicle. Pay-By-Plate works automatically with license plate recognition.

Mounting Your E-ZPass Transponder

If you opted for E-ZPass, mount your toll transponder on the interior of your windshield behind the rearview mirror using the provided mounting strip.

Make sure there is nothing obstructing the transponder for proper scanning at toll plazas. You can also request an exterior transponder holder for your license plate if needed.

Keeping Your DriveEzMD Account Balanced

For E-ZPass accounts, add funds online to maintain a positive prepaid balance, ensuring smooth passage through tolls without fees. Set up auto-replenishment when your balance drops below a set threshold.

Pay-By-Plate accounts are linked to a registered credit card that gets charged per toll transaction. Keep your card info up-to-date to avoid issues.

Tracking Your DriveEzMD Toll Transactions

Your DriveEzMD account shows a log of all toll road transactions for your registered vehicles across Maryland toll facilities like bridges, highways, and tunnels.

You can sort transactions by date, payment method, account balance, and cost. Download statements for record-keeping.

Receiving Notices for Unpaid Tolls

If you use a Maryland toll road without an E-ZPass or Pay-By-Plate account, any outstanding tolls will be mailed to the registered vehicle owner to pay within 30 days and avoid fees. You can look up notices by license plate on DriveEzMD.

Disputing Incorrect Tolls or Charges

If you receive a toll charge in error, log into your DriveEzMD account and submit a dispute request online. Provide relevant details supporting your dispute for review by the Maryland Transportation Authority.

Using E-ZPass Across State Lines

Your Maryland E-ZPass transponder works at facilities across Delaware, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia for toll-free travel.

Usage is deducted from your DriveEzMD prepaid balance. Discounts may vary by state.

Enrolling in Discount Plans

Maryland residents can enroll in E-ZPass commuter, resident, or Hatem Bridge discount plans on DriveEzMD for reduced toll rates on certain crossings and routes with frequent usage. Eligibility terms apply.

Managing Your DriveEzMD Account Settings

Under your account, you can update personal details, payment methods, communication preferences, and transponder settings like low balance alerts.

You can also assign alternate contacts for accessing your DriveEzMD account when needed, like family members.

Getting Support From DriveEzMD

If you need help managing your DriveEzMD account, you can use the live chat function on the website or call the toll-free customer support line at 1-888-321-6824.

Support agents can answer questions, process payments, check balances, reset accounts, and more.

Downloading the DriveEzMD Mobile App

For on-the-go account management, download the free DriveEzMD app on Google Play or the App Store. You can check toll activity, make payments, request transponders, and receive notifications.


In summary, DriveEzMD offers a streamlined platform to pay cashless tolls in Maryland by E-ZPass or Pay-By-Plate. Opening an account is quick and easy. Just keep it updated and replenished to ensure smooth automated payments through toll facilities across the region.

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