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The Pollock Pines weather cam is a live streaming webcam located in Pollock Pines, California that provides viewers with real-time video footage of local weather conditions. For those looking to get an up-close glimpse of the weather in this Sierra Nevada mountain town, the Pollock Pines weather cam can be a useful tool.

Finding the Pollock Pines Weather Cam

The webcam is hosted on the website www.pollockpinesweathercam.com, which is run by a local real estate agency as a public service to the community. The site features live feeds from a camera positioned overlooking downtown Pollock Pines. There are also additional webcams from surrounding towns like Camino, Placerville, and Apple Hill.

The Pollock Pines weather cam specifically can be accessed from the homepage by clicking on the large embedded viewer under the title “Pollock Pines Weather Camera.” This will launch the live HD stream. The site works best on a desktop computer but is also mobile-friendly.

Viewing Current Weather Conditions

Once the Pollock Pines stream is loaded, viewers can observe a real-time look at current weather occurring in the town. The unobstructed view from the elevated vantage point allows you to see cloud cover, precipitation type and intensity, fog, and other weather events unfolding.

By watching the trees sway, flags whip, and vehicles drive by, it’s also easy to gauge wind speed and direction. The visual scene gives a general sense of temperatures based on the presence of snow or ice versus clear roads and bare trees.

Checking the Forecast and Radar

While the weather cam offers live conditions, it can be helpful to cross-reference the latest forecast data and radar imagery when analyzing the view. The site provides current temperature, humidity, and wind information in the corner of the video player.

For more details, the “Local Forecast” section below the stream has a 7-day forecast breakdown from Weather Underground. Links are also provided to check animated local radar loops so viewers can compare real-time radar echoes with what is being observed on the webcam feed.

Observing Seasonal Changes

One of the coolest aspects of the Pollock Pines weather cam is the ability to visually follow seasonal shifts in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The fall brings vibrant foliage changing colors. Winter transforms the landscape with snow accumulating on the ground and trees. The webcam allows you to truly witness spring arrive as the snow melts and vegetation turns green again.

Benefits for Locals and Travelers

Beyond weather watching, the Pollock Pines cam provides many practical benefits. It gives locals an easy way to monitor real-time road conditions before venturing out. Travelers heading to the area can check the live cam and forecast ahead of time to anticipate possible delays or troublesome driving conditions. The webcam is especially helpful for monitoring snowfall in the wintertime.


With its high-definition view and smooth live stream, the Pollock Pines weather cam offers an interesting peek into current weather while also providing visitors and residents with useful information about local conditions. Checking the webcam is a great habit along with monitoring radar and forecasts.

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