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If you have not been living under a rock, you might have seen people gushing over ChatGPT already. From big media companies like Forbes, BBC, Frontline, Aljazeera, and Fox News to small fun blogs like Wired and BrightSide, almost every platform has mentioned ChatGPT as the next big thing

It comes as no surprise that people are now experimenting with ChatGPT for their entertainment, using it as a creative alternative for almost every small and repetitive task, once done by a human. While most people are claiming ChatGPT to be the first step toward the AI revolution, others are thinking it will lead to AI domination. 

No matter what your stance on the matter is, one thing is clear, ChatGPT is more than a simple conversational tool. Instead, it is a tool that will transform the world of information. 

Now that everyone is using ChatGPT in one way or the other, it comes as no surprise that customer service has tapped into it as well. For the longest, customer service was using AI-based chatbot tools for instant replies. However, these bots have a few limitations and their replies might be instant, but never accurate. To deal with this issue, companies were leaving just the initial greeting to these chatbots while exploring other human-based options to interact with customers. It seems like they have finally met an instant and more accurate partner in the shape of ChatGPT to execute this strategy.

For ChatGPT, you just need a good internet along with some device where you can open up ChatGPT. Currently, companies are trying to integrate their customer service database with ChatGPT so they can interact with their clients in a much better way instantly. If you are looking for an effective strategy for integrating ChatGPT into your business, take RCN Customer Service as an example. RCN offers 24/7 customer service with a more human touch while making sure that the response rate stays maximum and the response time stays minimum.Β 

If you are looking to execute the same practices as RCN, keep reading, as we will discuss the effective way to use ChatGPT within customer service. 

Why AI Chat Bots Failed – Limitations and Failure

There is no doubt that chatbots helped the customer service department. However, these chatbots were effective enough for the basic information, greetings, and inquiry rather than the complete step-by-step guides that are the essence of customer service. Apart from this, there were also no complaint cells handled by the chatbot because of the lack of human interaction. 

However, when companies tried pushing chatbots beyond their limits, this created a very confusing effect. Some of the limitations of chatbots include:

  • Chatbots are not entirely automated yet; instead, they run on a predefined set of rules. Most inquiries by the customers are unique, which calls for unique responses only. With predefined rules, you can just add generic responses like greetings, price ranges, office time, or service-based questions. Since chatbots lack the ability to understand the context of the conversation. They only offer predefined answers for every question. This can be very frustrating for the customers and can add to the confusion.
  • Since chatbots require predefined rules, some companies use full customer and company data for their chatbots so the conversations can flow smoothly. There is no doubt that it works but the process is extremely expensive as well as lengthy, which leads to production delays and poor performance. 
  • Generally, chatbots work as plugins installed on the web. However, some companies feed all the customer data directly to the chatbots, which makes them extremely vulnerable. Even the slightest mistake or malware can lead to a data breach
  • Regardless of the detailed and predefined information, chatbots lack the ability to understand the context, which leads them to offer poor and incomplete responses. 
  • The conversations carried out by using chatbots do not flow naturally because they cannot remember the questions. Instead, it deals with each question individually. 
  • Multilingual people who lack proficiency in each language find conversations with chatbots extremely confusing because chatbots can only read one language at a time. 

How ChatGPT Is Bridging the Gap Caused By Chat Bot?

Now that you understand the limitations of chatbots, you also need to know that ChatGPT by OpenAI helps in not only addressing but also resolving all these issues. 

Here are some of the ways ChatGPT is helping businesses with customer service: 

  • ChatGPt requires no extra training or predefined rules that it needs to follow because the company has fully trained and upgraded it already. This helps in cutting costs while offering the best responses on all topics regardless of the conversation language or style.
  • ChatGPT is fully equipped to understand the context of the conversation so; answers are detailed yet precise without losing the human touch. 
  • ChatGPT has a conversational tone with a full understanding of the context. You will not feel like the conversation is losing its context. Instead, every question feels like an extension of the same conversation. 
  • For multilingual people who struggle with finding the right word for expressing themselves, ChatGPT can respond in multiple languages. 
  • ChatGPT is upgraded after every few months based on the news, views, and feedback, so the information never gets old or outdated. 

Bottom line

Since ChatGPT is relatively new software, there is a lot of room for learning and improvement so, nothing is definite right now. However, the above-mentioned features of ChatGPT can revolutionize the customer service world and can help businesses become more profitable. 

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