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UAB Smart Square is an innovative cloud-based scheduling and workforce management system used by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This comprehensive guide will explain what Smart Square is, how hospital staff can use it effectively, and the key benefits it offers.

What is UAB Smart Square?

Smart Square is web-based scheduling software implemented by UAB Medicine to optimize and simplify scheduling across different departments and facilities. Some of its key features include:

  • Intuitive calendar views for managing staff schedules and availability
  • Tools for easily creating, publishing and updating schedules
  • Options for staff to pick up open shifts or request schedule changes
  • Automated schedule notifications via email and text
  • Real-time visibility into open shifts and pending requests
  • Analytics and reporting on schedules, utilization and more
  • Mobile access for managing schedules on-the-go
  • Integration with payroll, HR and other hospital systems

Getting Started with Smart Square

As a UAB Medicine employee, here are the steps to start using Smart Square:

  1. Login at https://uab.smart-square.com using your standard UAB Medicine credentials
  2. Use the main menu to access different modules like My Schedule, Time Off, Shift Changes etc.
  3. Review available training resources to learn about key features and workflows
  4. Set up your profile completely including contact information for shift notifications
  5. Enable push notifications on your smartphone to stay updated in real-time
  6. Explore the different schedule views and customize as needed

Key Features and Workflows

Once logged in, Smart Square enables various workflows:

  • Review your assigned shifts in calendar or list view
  • Submit time off requests which get routed for approval
  • Pick up available shifts to supplement your hours
  • Adjust preferences for getting shift notifications
  • Access schedules for your team or department
  • Request a schedule change like switching a shift
  • Get alerts for pending shift requests and approvals
  • Use Smart Square kiosks to manage schedules on-the-go

Benefits of Using Smart Square

Smart Square delivers a wide range of benefits:

  • Improved visibility into staff availability and schedules from anywhere
  • Streamlined scheduling workflows saving admin time
  • Increased flexibility for staff through shift swaps and open shifts
  • Enhanced coordination and communication across departments
  • More efficient allocation of staff resources and assignments
  • Better adherence to hospital policies and union rules
  • Analytics and insights to improve scheduling over time
  • Higher staff engagement through self-service and mobile access

In summary, UAB Smart Square provides hospital employees with an intuitive platform to more easily manage schedules while improving hospital operations. Following this guide can help maximize the potential of Smart Square.

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