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Talky is a simple way to communicate with friends and family. Rather than having a personal account, Talky employs one-of-a-kind URLs that you may share with the folks you’re meeting with. Simply establish a room and provide the URL to your conversation companions. To begin the conversation, users only need to navigate to your link using a compatible browser!

Top talky io Alternatives
Talky substitutes

Your browser may request access to your camera and microphone. To use Talky, you must click “allow” on these prompts.

1. Skype


Skype is a one-stop shop for all communication needs, and it offers all of these features in a clean, user-friendly design. The programme supports rich text messaging, group or one-on-one video calling, and calling out to normal phone lines using Skype credit. If you just communicate to other Skype users via WiFi, the software is free to use, and you may use it to get your own public phone number.

Platforms: Windows\macOS \sLinux \sBrowser \siOS \Android


  • You can have up to 50 individuals in a video conference.
  • When you call another Skype account, Skype automatically employs encryption to keep you safe.
  • You may quickly send a few emoticons to the person you’re conversing with.
  • Skype is broadly compatible, with versions available for Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, and Linux. That means you can Skype with an iPhone user even if you have an Android phone.


  • While you may use Skype to make conventional phone calls (for which you must pay standard calling costs), the encryption does not apply when you use Skype to contact genuine mobile or landline phones.
  • As previously stated, Skype is owned by Microsoft, a large technology corporation that has worked with intelligence agencies.

2. Hangouts


Google Hangouts is a chat programme that allows users to exchange text messages, video communications, and even arrange conference calls and live streaming for YouTube content. The software is accessible for free on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and the web.Google Hangouts is a communication platform that supports chat, phone, VoIP, and video calls. This platform is part of Google’s G Suite offering and works with apps like Gmail and Google+. G Suite plans range in price from $5 to $25 per user per month.

Callers can utilize Hangouts to do the following:

  • Begin a chat or video conference discussion.
  • Use Wi-Fi or data to make phone calls.
  • Text messages may be sent using a Google Voice or Google Fi phone number.

Hangouts immediately sync between devices. Hangouts initiated on a PC may be continued on another device, such as a phone.

  • Google revealed intentions in March 2017 to improve traditional Hangouts to focus on two experiences aimed to help teams collaborate: Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Chat and Meet are both accessible to G Suite subscribers and will soon be available to consumers. After June 2020, Google intends to migrate users from conventional Hangouts to Chat and Meet.
  • In China, classic Hangouts are not available.

Platforms \Browser \iOS \Android

3. appear.in


Free video discussions with up to four people – no logins or downloads required. Construct a video room. Please share the link. They appear together. Try it out right now at Apprea.in

Platforms Windows \Browser \iOS \Android

4. Tango


Maintain contact with the individuals who are important to you. Tango is the greatest texting app for video calling. All mails and phone calls are free of charge. Tango is compatible with cellphones and tablets. Tango has exceeded 350 million users! ยท VIDEO CALLING AT ITS BEST – Tango is the first and finest video calling app. It is compatible with smartphones.

Tango Card offers digital incentives and rewards. Users may choose from a global inventory of popular e-gift cards, digital Visa and Mastercard incentives, non-profit donations, and bitcoin e-gift cards. Tango Card backs up their catalog with simple technology and knowledgeable assistance. Incentives can be sent in bulk, on the fly, or via API integration. The vendor’s value proposition is that this delivers convenience for its consumers and ensures that incentives arrive at the optimal moment. Tango Card also offers expert assistance ranging from programme advising to programme setup to customer support for each reward user.

Tango Card Advantages

  • RESTful API is supported.
  • Call a catalog of hundreds of E-gift cards, Prepaid Cards, Bitcoin, and Donations.
  • Account creation and funding through API are supported to help corporate applications.


  • API access to account information and reporting
  • Resend prizes on demand through API is supported.

Platforms. iOS \sAndroid

5. Chime


Chime is customer relationship management software that provides a plethora of tools and features that make it ideal for small and medium-sized organizations. Lead generation, email marketing campaigns, analytical reporting, branding management, software connection, and a variety of other sophisticated features are all supported.


  • A straightforward selection of free account alternatives
  • Savings that are really competitive APY
  • Savings tools that are automated to assist you in improving your habits
  • Direct deposit payments are received early.


  • There are no branches providing in-person service.
  • Recent consumer concerns about Chime accounts and funds

Platforms: Windows \macOS \Linux \Browser \iOS

Maintain your connectivity and security.

Being able to see and communicate with others via video, especially while you’re confined at home, might help you feel less isolated. Because numerous apps are fast becoming popular, it’s a good idea to compare them and remember which ones will keep your conversations secure while you figure out which app is most suited to your needs. If you must use one of the less secure applications for any reason, you may protect your privacy by using a VPN, which encrypts your internet connection on both your computer and phone.

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