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Noon Ecommerce has now entered the market of food delivery services in UAE. The plan is financed by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

Noon Food’s Campaign Picture
Noon Food’s Campaign Picture

During the Covid-19 epidemic, the direct-to-consumer tendency was highlighted. During the global epidemic, subscriptions and contact-free delivery on small and major grocery and meal purchases make it easier for isolated customers to get exactly what they want. Consumers can plan what they’re intending to buy and research specific products more readily and fast when they shop online. Small businesses have seen a significant increase in sales thanks to the internet. Many small, local companies faced a grim future when lockdowns forced them to close their doors. Ecommerce has been their savior.


E-Commerce at Noon The company “Noon Food” is owned by Noon AD Holdings One Person Business LLC, a private limited company founded in the United Arab Emirates “UAE” under license number 764928. The “Noon Food App” is a website, application, or other technology interface that Noon Food and its Affiliates make available to Customers on a royalty-free basis to purchase Items and, if applicable, delivery services through the Merchant. Noon was launched by Mr. Alabbar in 2016 and sells things in over 14 categories, including electronics and mobile phones, cosmetics and wellness, fashion, and home and kitchen.

Noon AD Holdings

Noon AD Holdings Ltd is a holding corporation. The Company offers e-commerce products and services through its subsidiaries. Electronics, clothes, home, cooking, and personal care products are all available from Noon AD Holdings. Customers in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are served by Noon AD Holdings. Noon AD Holdings One Person Company LLC employs a total of 70 technologies from ten different vendors. They use various technologies over average, including Apple IOS, Zendesk, and the Apple iOS SDK.

Muhammed Alabbar 

Mohamed Alabbar is best known as the chairman of Emaar Properties, which built the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, as well as the chairman of Eagle Hills, an Abu Dhabi-based private investment and real estate development firm. Mr Alabbar, two decades after launching the real estate behemoth, ventured into e-commerce in 2017 with the creation of Noon.com, a $1 billion e-commerce platform.

Mr. Alabbar speaking at Noon’s first seller event in Riyadh
Mr. Alabbar speaking at Noon’s first seller event in Riyadh 

Mr Alabbar stated yesterday at the annual entrepreneurship summit organized by TiE Dubai, the local chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs headquartered in Silicon Valley, that “Noon is the biggest risk I’ve ever taken.”

Noon Food Mission

The noon app now includes a new food delivery marketplace called Noon Food. Its  goal is to expand the food and beverage delivery industry through accessible technology and reasonable prices. They consider both the restaurants and the customers while championing local companies from the region for the region. At the noon Food table, everyone has a spot.

Noon Food Delivery Service 

After Merchant agrees to the Order Form, Definitions, General Supplemental Terms, and Specific Supplemental Terms governing the Noon Food Delivery Service, and conditional upon completion of any additional verification steps, the Noon Food Tools will be made available to Merchant to access and request on-demand delivery services offered by Noon Food Delivery Partners, allowing Items to be transferred from Merchant to Customer via Noon Food Delivery Partners.

In exchange for the Delivery Services supplied to the Merchant, Noon Food will charge the Merchant a Delivery Service Fee in the amount specified in the Order Form for each Order delivered by Noon Food via the Noon’s Food App.

Revenue For Merchants

Merchant will receive the payment after the deduction of following

  • The Marketplace Service Fee
  • The Delivery Service Fee
  • Any refunds are given on Merchant’s behalf to Customers, and as and when applicable
  • The Payment Processing Fee
  • Cancellation Fee
  • Activation Fee
  • The Photographic Content Fee such as final transferred amount being the β€œNoon Food Delivery Item” and the final transferred amount being the β€œNoon Food Delivery.”

Noon Food Offers

Offer refers to a limited-time promotional offer established and fulfilled by Merchant to boost Customer demand via the Noon’s Food App, such as a discount.

Promotional Image from a merchant of Noon Food
Promotional Image from a merchant of Noon’s Food

All acceptable material to be submitted by Merchant in connection with an Offer, including artwork of Merchant’s trademarks and trade names. Noon Food provides merchants with exclusive, automated solutions that allow them to develop and distribute Offers to customers.

Ratings on Noon Food App

Merchant acknowledges and agrees that, following receipt of an Item, the Noon Food App may prompt the Customer to rate the Item and, at the Customer’s discretion, to provide comments or feedback about the Customer’s experience with Merchant, the relevant Item on the Noon’s Food App, and either the delivery services or the Pickup Method experience.

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