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Linda Vater is a renowned self-taught garden designer, writer, and media producer who has garnered fame through her beautifully designed cottage gardens. With over 30 years of gardening experience, Linda has grown into a YouTube and social media sensation with over 165,000 YouTube subscribers and 120,000 Instagram followers. She is the author of popular gardening books like “The Elegant and Edible Garden” (2022) and “The Garden Journal: A 5-year Record of Your Home Garden” (2023).

Linda is best known for the English Tudor cottage garden that she maintained for over 30 years in Oklahoma City, before recently shifting to a new home. Her YouTube videos provide a peek into designing and caring for ornamental cottage gardens overflowing with flowers, fruits, and creativity. Read on to learn all about gardening guru Linda Vater’s life and work.

Linda Vater Net Worth

Linda Vater’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be around $500,000. She is a successful garden designer, writer, blogger, and YouTuber who has collaborated with renowned brands such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. Her monthly earnings are approximately $10,000, translating to yearly earnings of around $120,000, which come from various sources, including YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, website memberships, merchandise sales, and book sales.

Key Details & Background

While Linda Vater’s age remains unknown, sources state that she has gardened at her 1935 English Tudor cottage home in Oklahoma City for over 30 years before shifting in early 2023 (Linda Vater Instagram, 2023).

Linda is a self-taught garden designer and stylist, having no formal training in horticulture or design. She learned the skills of garden design through years of practicing and refining her own cottage garden. Over the years, Linda also forayed into writing, producing videos, and creating garden content for digital and print publications.

YouTube Channel & Popular Videos

As a YouTube sensation in the gardening niche, Linda Vater has amassed over 165,000 subscribers on the platform (YouTube Linda Vater, 2023). She uploads videos that give her viewers a tour of her flower-filled cottage gardens through different seasons, teach garden maintenance tips, and share creative styling ideas.

Some of her most popular YouTube videos feature her finally revealing the full home and garden tour of her new cottage after shifting earlier in 2023. The videos have garnered between 130,000 to 152,000 views each (YouTube Linda Vater, 2023). Viewers also love videos that document her previous English Tudor garden’s makeover and evolution between 2006 to 2023.

Overall, Linda’s YouTube channel provides endless inspiration for designing and decorating English cottage style gardens on a budget.

Linda Vater’s Most Popular Videos

Some of Linda Vater’s most popular videos include:

Publications & Books

Linda Vater has authored two gardening-related books that capture her design principles and garden record-keeping methods.

In 2022, she authored “The Elegant and Edible Garden: Design a Dream Kitchen Garden to Fit Your Personality, Desires, and Lifestyle” which features ornamental edible garden designs (Amazon, 2022).

Her latest 2023 release is “The Garden Journal: A 5-year Record of Your Home Garden” which helps gardeners document their landscape plans over time while accounting for seasonal changes (Amazon, 2023). Both books are best-sellers in the gardening category online.

Aside from books, Linda also produces regular print and video content for platforms like Southern Living, Garden Gate Magazine, QVC, and more.

Extensive Social Media Presence

As a prominent social media influencer in the gardening space, Linda Vater has extensive followers across major platforms:

  • Instagram: 120.6k followers (Linda Vater Instagram, 2023)
  • Pinterest: Over 41k monthly viewers (Pinterest Linda Vater, 2023)
  • YouTube: 165.7k subscribers (YouTube Linda Vater, 2023)
  • Facebook: Over 10k page followers (Linda Vater Facebook, 2023)

She actively posts cottage garden tours, styling ideas, and gardening tips on these handles almost daily. Linda also has niche fashion and lifestyle pages on Instagram with over 20,000 dedicated followers.

Partnerships & Associations

Over the decades as her online fame grew, gardening expert Linda Vater began collaborating with major home, garden, and lifestyle brands. Some of her notable partnerships include:

  • QVC: Linda releases exclusive home & garden collections on the shopping channel (QVC Linda Vater, 2023)
  • Southern Living Plants: She often appears in their videos and creates sponsored content as a gardening influencer (Southern Living Plants, 2023)
  • Passiflora: Linda has created her own plant collection for the nursery brand (Passiflora Linda Vater, 2023)

Aside from brand sponsorships, she also takes up spokesperson roles for gardening events and workshops occasionally.

The Shift to a New Cottage Home

In early 2023, after spending over 30 years in her Oklahoma English Tudor cottage, Linda Vater made the difficult decision to shift to a new home (Linda Vater YouTube, 2023). Through a vulnerable New Year’s YouTube video announcement, she documented the mixed emotions behind leaving her decades-old garden.

Linda mentioned the need for increased mobility and access as the key reason for this change. Her new cottage home seems to be a single-storey ranch-style house which would be easier to navigate daily. She also hinted at potential plans to downsize to a smaller property or even condo in the future.

While longtime fans initially expressed disappointment, her shift has opened new creative opportunities. Linda’s videos now document her journey of landscaping and designing gardens in this new blank-slate cottage home from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Linda Vater’s Age? While Linda’s exact age remains undisclosed, sources state she has gardened at her 1935 English cottage home for over 30 years since the 1990s. This indicates she is likely in her 50s or 60s as of 2023.
  2. Who is Linda Vater’s Husband? There are no clear public details available regarding her husband’s name or identity. Linda maintains a private personal life outside of sharing her cottage gardens online.
  3. Where Does Linda Vater Live Now?
    As per her recent YouTube video announcement, Linda has shifted to a new single-storey ranch-style cottage home located in Oklahoma City (early 2023).
  4. What is Linda Vater’s Gardening Zone?
    Being based in Oklahoma, most of Linda’s cottage gardens through the years have been designed for USDA Hardiness Zone 7a. This means they can withstand cold climates between 0 to 10 Fahrenheit temperatures in winters.
  5. How Can I Contact Linda Vater? The best way to contact Linda Vater is through the online contact form on her website lindavater.com. Fans can also connect with her via direct messaging on her public social media profiles, especially Instagram.


In summary, Linda Vater’s journey from an amateur home gardener to an accomplished designer and media influencer makes her an inspiration for gardening enthusiasts everywhere.

While she pioneered ornate English cottage gardens in her former historic Oklahoma home, her shift to new property opens fresh opportunities for lawn experiments. Fans eagerly await her future content creation chronicling the cottage’s landscape transformation.

Beyond just the physical gardens, Linda’s written and video publications over the decades have also cultivated flourishing digital communities. Her YouTube videos and Instagram account especially attract millions of views and allow everyday people to vicariously enjoy English cottage life.

As she continues churning out more books, social content, and branded collections, Linda Vater’s stardom in the gardening world only looks set to grow even further.

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