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When it comes to monetizing your website, Ezoic is a popular ad platform that leverages artificial intelligence to optimize ad layouts and increase earnings. However, Ezoic has some downsides like a high traffic requirement and potential for too many low-quality ads. Fortunately, there are several great Ezoic alternatives worth considering.

Overall, Publift is the best Ezoic alternative in 2023 due to its high ad rates, 100% revenue share, and custom analytics. Keep reading for more details on the top 11 Ezoic competitors.

Ezoic Overview As a brief background, Ezoic is an all-in-one ad platform that provides website testing, ad placement optimization, and analytics based on artificial intelligence. Key benefits include higher ad rates compared to regular display ads and custom ad layouts tailored to your site.

However, Ezoic requires at least 10,000 monthly visits and locks publishers into one-year contracts. The platform is also known to place many low-quality ads that hurt user experience.

Top 11 Ezoic Alternatives Here are the 11 best alternatives to Ezoic in 2023:


Publift is the best overall Ezoic alternative thanks to its high ad rates, 100% revenue share policy, and custom analytics. The platform focuses solely on high-quality ads and provides hands-on account management.

Approval Requirements

  • 1,000 daily pageviews
  • Original content
  • Geo-targeted to supported countries

How to Apply

  • Submit an application form
  • Get reviewed within 5 business days
  • Sign up and implement code

Newor Media

Newor Media is an ad management platform providing various monetization solutions like native ads, pop unders, and banner ads. They offer account managers, granular analytics, and have a 100% revenue share.

Approval Requirements

  • 50,000 monthly views
  • English or Spanish content

How to Apply

  • Contact sales or request callback
  • Set up account and ads.txt file
  • Start monetizing

Google AdSense

Google AdSense needs no introduction – it provides simple display ads, fast approval and payments, and strong brand recognition. However, earnings are lower and customization is limited compared to other networks.

Approval Requirements

  • No traffic requirements
  • Original content

How to Apply

  • Submit application
  • Get reviewed
  • Implement code if approved


Media.net is a large ad network focused on high-impact ad units like push notifications and content recommendations. They provide strong account management and optimization to boost earnings.

Approval Requirements

  • 50,000 monthly views
  • High-quality content

How to Apply

  • Contact sales
  • Provide site content samples
  • Set up once approved


Infolinks offers various non-intrusive ad formats like InFold and InText to help retain users. Their ads have high viewability rates and they provide publishers with detailed performance analytics.

Approval Requirements

  • 3,000 monthly views
  • English content
  • Desktop and mobile sites

How to Apply

  • Submit publisher application
  • Add Infolinks code once approved

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is an ad network providing multiple pop-under units to increase impressions while avoiding user disruption. They offer high RPMs, dedicated account managers, and custom reporting.

Approval Requirements

  • 10,000 daily views
  • Niche or mainstream content

How to Apply

  • Create Propeller Publisher account
  • Get manually reviewed
  • Start using dashboard


AdThrive provides comprehensive account management including ad ops professionals and optimization experts. Their 75% average revenue share is very competitive.

Approval Requirements

  • 75,000 monthly views
  • Valuable niche content

How to Apply

  • Submit application for review
  • Contact sales to set up account


Mediavine is a premium ad management platform focused solely on high-quality ads leading to strong fill rates and high RPMs. Requirements are high but so is revenue potential.

Approval Requirements

  • 50,000 monthly views
  • Original textual content
  • 1,000 Facebook fans

How to Apply

  • Request Mediavine access
  • Provide traffic analytics
  • Get reviewed


Sulvo utilizes AI and predictive analysis to optimize ad placements automatically. The platform is easy to implement and provides granular analytics on ad performance.

Approval Requirements

  • 10,000 monthly visits
  • Valuable niche content

How to Apply

  • Submit application form
  • Talk to account manager
  • Get live in 24-48 hours


AdPushup focuses specifically on header bidding optimization and higher ad viewability leading to more revenue. They also offer A/B testing capabilities and ad layout optimization.

Approval Requirements

  • No strict requirements

How to Apply

  • Create free AdPushup account
  • Add sites and verify ownership


Taboola provides content recommendation units helping users discover more content. This leads to higher engagement rates. They offer various effective ad formats.

Approval Requirements

  • 20,000 monthly views
  • Clean layout and design

How to Apply

  • Contact Taboola sales
  • Share analytics and content samples
  • Get live once approved

Conclusion In closing, Publift is the leading Ezoic alternative for 2023 based on factors like higher ad rates, better account management, and stronger optimization capabilities versus Ezoic. However, networks like Newor Media, Google AdSense, Media.net and others on this list are also great options depending on your specific needs and traffic levels. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate multiple networks before choosing the best Ezoic replacement.

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