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Publift is a premium ad monetization platform and Google Certified Publishing Partner, providing publishers access to leading header bidding technology, premium demand sources, and robust optimization tools to boost earnings. With strong fill rates, high RPMs, dedicated account management, and excellent platform transparency, Publift succeeds as a top-notch solution for publishers looking to maximize their ad revenues.

Overview of Publift

Publift is an ad tech company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Alexandria, Australia. The Publift team consists of former Google employees and ad tech experts focused specifically on building advanced monetization solutions for digital publishers and app developers.

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Publift provides direct access to leading programmatic demand partners and exchanges beyond the limited Google Ad Manager (GAM) demand. By leveraging header bidding, Publift runs a parallel auction to allow multiple demand sources to bid simultaneously on each ad impression on a publisherโ€™s site. This header bidding container lets Publift deliver higher CPMs by exposing publisher inventory to increased competition amongst bidders.

Publift is used by major digital publishers and content sites across 60 countries worldwide. Some notable Publift publisher partners include Readerโ€™s Digest, Envato, Ozbargain, WillyWeather, Broadsheet Media, and over 1,000 other sites spanning various content verticals.

How Publift’s Ad Monetization Platform Works

Publift focuses heavily on providing publishers access to premium programmatic demand by optimizing implementation of header bidding, which is proven to boost publisher ad revenues by 20-40%.

The basic steps for a publisher using Publift are:

  1. Publisher signs up with Publift and gets an dedicated account manager
  2. Publift’s container tag is installed on the publisherโ€™s site
  3. The tag enables header bidding for the site across 30+ demand partners
  4. Publift uses data to optimize ad layouts and types of ads displayed
  5. Publishers earn more from higher RPMs and fill rates

The Publift platform handles all the complex server-to-server header bidding connections on the backend while providing publishers a streamlined front-end dashboard for monitoring real-time analytics.

Key Benefits of Using Publift

Here are some of the major benefits publishers can expect from using Publift:

Higher Revenues Publift delivers exceptionally strong results when it comes to boosting ad earnings for publishers. On average, sites switching from other ad platforms to Publift see a 60-75% increase in their RPMs. This revenue lift is attributed to their header bidding expertise, proprietary forecasting algorithms, and access to premium demand sources.

Brand Safety Tools

Publift offers robust brand safety measures to eliminate low-quality and inappropriate ads from a publisher site. Their proprietary AdWizard browser extension allows publishers to monitor ads in real-time and block undesirable ads with one click. This improves the overal user experience.

Dedicated Account Management

Publift stands out from competitors by providing dedicated account managers for all clients, regardless of their site traffic or revenue through Publift. These programmatic ad optimization experts help manage technical configurations, analyze site performance, address issues, and recommend revenue growth strategies.

Page Speed Optimization

Publift aims to minimize impact on page load speeds from ads through lightweight tags and caching technologies. Pages with Publift ads enabled can load up to 50% faster versus bloated ad code. Faster page speeds improve user experience and publisher SEO.

Ad Formats Supported by Publift

Publift offers support for all standard IAB display ad units across banners, interstitials, and video ad formats. Some unique ad units include:

Interscroller Ads: Inline between paragraphs scrolls into view while reading Flexi Slots: Floating ad slots that re-position based on screen size Miniscroller Ads: Mini horizontal scroll ads in content modules

These high-impact placements often lead to increased engagement and higher RPMs by capturing user attention while reading content.

Publiftโ€™s Revenue Share and Payments Process

A major advantage of Publift is the 100% revenue share they offer publishers. This means publishers earn 100% of what the advertisers pay Publift for ad impressions on the publisher site. There are no revenue shares or fees taken by Publift.

Publift issues publisher payouts 30 days in arrears for Google Ad Manager demand, and quarterly in arrears for all other demand partners. Payments are sent directly to the publisher’s bank account via wire transfer. This ensures timely payments and complete payment transparency.

Account Management and Publisher Support

Publift differentiates from competitors by providing dedicated ad operations support and account management resources for all publisher partners.

Each client is assigned an expert account manager who serves as the main point of contact for troubleshooting, optimization recommendations, new feature rollouts, and answering platform questions.

Publift also offers email and chat support available to all clients around the clock. Between robust documentation, timely support, and dedicated account reps, Publift publishers always have access to assistance when needed.

User Reviews of Publift’s Ad Monetization Platform

Here is a summary of client feedback and user reviews from current Publift publisher partners:

  • 4.6 out of 5 Trustpilot score based on 39 reviews
  • 94% have rated Publift as โ€œExcellentโ€ or 5 stars
  • Clients highlight exceptional account management, optimization capabilities, and revenue lift after switching to Publift
  • Case studies showing 60-75% increase in RPMs by switching from other networks
  • Quick resolution times for technical issues or support queries

The overwhelmingly positive tone across genuine user reviews is a strong indicator of Publiftโ€™s ability to deliver on their core promise of maximizing revenues for publishers through optimized programmatic monetization.

Conclusion: Why Publift Succeeds as a Top Ad Platform

With their specialized focus on building high-performance programmatic solutions exclusively for digital publishers, Publift has emerged as a leading ad management platform.

Their strengths include:

  • Best-in-class monetization results via header bidding
  • Access to premium ad demand partners
  • Exceptional support and account management resources
  • Complete revenue and payment transparency

Publift offers publishers an optimized โ€œone stop shopโ€ to significantly boost ad revenues, offload ad ops complexity, and monitor real-time analytics through their centralized dashboard.

For mid-sized to large digital publishers aiming to diversify beyond basic display networks, Publift checks all the boxes as an ideal Google Ad Manager alternative or upsell solution for sites looking to tap their full monetization potential using innovative, results-driven ad tech.

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