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In the world of technology, almost all people know what cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrency is digital currency safe by cryptography hence hard to find itself in danger. Reviewing the Indian crypto exchange startup CoinDCX in the article.

Hence the first platform for cryptocurrency is one of the famous currencies that is known as Coin DCX India is excited to know more about cryptocurrency as it makes it easy for people to invest safely in cryptocurrency without any hesitation of security.

CoinDCX is a company that started on a promising note that took further steps with money in the technological world. In the 21s century, as the financial situation is at its revolution with all things turning more electronic, Coin DCX has stepped into the future with money in the form of cryptocurrency which is a more digitized form of money.

Cryptocurrency exchange the greatest platform is CoinDCX which is built by two college students named Neeraj Khandelwal who is the co-founder of the company, and Sumit Gupta who is currently the CEO of Coin DCX. They both are leading India’s biggest cryptocurrency platform right now.

CoinDCX Founders
CoinDCX Founders

β€œWe were in touch. We saw many global companies grow in one year. Like that is what we wanted. Heavy growth. Is what we were craving for.” said Neeraj Khandelwal.

Both co-founders were very interested in business. But the question is how they started. Neeraj Khandelwal whose father had business so the person had experience in business but a thought came to his mind that traditional family business grows and develops slowly whereas technological startups grow in a few years at ten times more than any business. Being a business mind he wanted to grow at a fast speed and hence came to Mumbai for pursuing a degree in Technology.

On the other hand, Sumit Gupta’s side of the story tells that both Neeraj and he was best friends when he saw chances in the startup world. He was into the crypto area were at the time was very at its peak and he was interested in cryptocurrency.

Both were in touch and they saw the startup companies grow, they both saw and started understanding the basis of the industry.

Altogether, Coin DCX is the platform where the cryptocurrency is harder to hack, cheat, and abandon the system. Also today there are many cryptocurrencies that are found around the world

When, and where did CoinDCX start?

The company CoinDCX began in 2018 in India and is continually working in the country.

Who are the founders of CoinDCX?

The owners of the CoinDCX company are men name is Neeraj Khandelwal, and the other is Sumit Gupta.

Where is the CoinDCX located?

The main headquarters of CoinDCX is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Is CoinDCX exchange safe?

CoinDCX is safe to be used by its users hence it is the world’s most safe site to be used in cryptocurrency exchange.

Is the CoinDCX app safe?

Yes, the CoinDCX app is safe to use and invest in for cryptocurrency exchange as well as its website.


When CoinDCX came up, India’s market was in decline. And there were regulatory hurdles. Also, reserved banks warned people not to invest in cryptocurrency. This created a big hurdle for the company. The Reserve Bank of India banned cryptocurrency saying it is fishy to invest in it.

Then the co-founders thought to change the strategy for the company and according to the owners it was most challenging for them. But they did not give up on their idea themselves, and their company firmly believed that India will open gates for cryptocurrency. 

It was challenging for the company in fundraising in starting to adhere to it but luckily for the co-founders opened the gates for the company, especially in the blockchain technology area. Thus, in March 2020 the ban on cryptocurrency was ruled out by the Supreme Court of India.

After the court lifted the ban on cryptocurrency there was a way for cryptocurrency and there was an increase in this field. Both co-founders did not lose hope in their ideas; they were jammed on their idea of launching their own company for two years.

In starting, the company was cautious in adding people for investing in cryptocurrency. The whole crypto industry opened with a boom of 2.5 million users according to Neeraj said in an interview with Discovery Channel and the profits were quadrupled. 


1- The company is proud of its capability to make experiences for the customer that are simple with any hardship and complexity of the underlying technology.

2- The company also promises the safety and security that the company’s team promises to provide to its users to assure and ensure safety is updated with the standards of the international space regarding the technological space.

3- CoinDCX also values and promises to provide compliance to its users to implement crypto through thorough monitoring via Onfido.


The company that opened for cryptocurrency is called CoinDCX. It started in 2018 on the road to making selling and buying cryptocurrency easy for people in India that can be done within seconds through IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, UPI, or our partnered payment methods.

CoinDCX is safe completely as it is one of the safest sites in India to invest in cryptocurrency as the company has given importance, and significance to the security of digital assets, user’s data, and cryptocurrency stored in their company.coinDCX uses cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Polka dot, Cardano, and Ethereum which are more famous for people to buy it.

CoinDCX Marketing: One of the Ideas:

CoinDCX approached people through humor and language to keep the audience hung up on the company. The marketing strategy was also important for the company as they approached using regional languages like Bengali, Malayalam, etc hence one of the examples to keep the company moving forward.

Life is all about achievements and failures hence for CoinDCX too it also was not for them to be existent if the co-founders did have belief in themselves and the company and did not give up on the company. 

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