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If you’ve recently been receiving frequent, unsolicited calls from an entity known as RedCloud9 LLC, you’re not alone. Many people have reported getting repeated calls from this mysterious company, often multiple times per day. But who is RedCloud9 LLC and why do they keep calling out of the blue?

In this article, we’ll shed some light on RedCloud9 LLC, examine the motives behind the calls, provide tips on handling them, and outline whether any genuine danger exists if you pick up.

What is RedCloud9 LLC?

RedCloud9 LLC is a limited liability company registered in Florida since 2012. Not much verifiable public information exists about their business activities or ownership structure.

The lack of transparency has led some to allege RedCloud9 LLC is not a legitimate enterprise, but rather a shell company engaging in questionable telemarketing practices.

Based on consumer complaints, RedCloud9 LLC seems to be utilizing robocalls and spoofing techniques to barrage recipients with unsolicited sales pitches, often promoting dubious investment opportunities or debt relief services.

Their sales methods rely on high-pressure tactics, exaggerated claims, and urgency to try to coerce recipients into purchasing whatever product or service is being peddled during the call.

Why Does RedCloud9 LLC Keep Calling Me?

If you’ve been fielding repeated calls from RedCloud9 LLC, they likely obtained your contact information through one of several means:

  • Data leaks or security breaches – Personal info is sold on shady dark web marketplaces.
  • List purchasing – Telemarketers buy consumer lead lists from data brokers.
  • Directory harvesting – Software automatically trawls public directories.
  • Previous scam engagement – You may be on a “sucker list” if succumbed to a prior scam.
  • Wrong number autodialing – Robocall systems cycle through number ranges.

Once scammers have your phone number, autodialing software enables them to inundate you with robocalls at massive scale. The goal is to reach as many potential targets as possible to increase the odds someone engages.

While bothersome, don’t take it as a personal affront. It’s a numbers game, and RedCloud9 LLC cycles through victims continuously looking for that small subset gullible enough to bite.

What’s the End Goal of Their Calls?

RedCloud9 LLC’s modus operandi relies on high-pressure, dishonest sales tactics. Reports indicate their agents often:

  • Pretend to be from legitimate companies like insurance agencies
  • Use threats and scare tactics implying legal trouble if ignored
  • Make exaggerated claims about investment returns
  • Push victims to buy non-existent or worthless products/services
  • Request sensitive financial account or SSN information

Their ultimate goal is to leverage social engineering techniques to trick recipients into purchasing a scam product or service that results in financial loss.

Variations of telemarketing scams they push include:

  • Fraudulent extended auto warranties
  • Phony debt relief and credit repair services
  • Advance fee loans that never materialize
  • Bogus investment opportunities with guaranteed returns

RedCloud9 LLC builds a veneer of credibility by spoofing well-known business names on caller ID. But consumers should exercise extreme caution before transferring any money as directed or providing sensitive data.

Is RedCloud9 LLC Legitimate and Safe?

While RedCloud9 LLC is a registered business entity, the legitimacy of their practices remains highly questionable.

The dubious products pitched, dubious sales tactics used, lack of public information, and consumer complaints all raise multiple red flags about their integrity and safety.

At best, RedCloud9 LLC relies on unethical high-pressure sales calls to peddle overpriced, often useless products and services.

At worst, they may be an outright scam operation intent on defrauding consumers out of money. Their calls should not be considered trustworthy or acted upon without thorough due diligence.

No legitimate company engages in harassing robocalls while hiding behind caller ID spoofing and pressing recipients to make snap financial decisions over the phone. Exercise extreme caution before giving RedCloud9 LLC money or personal information.

How to Handle Calls from RedCloud9 LLC

If you’re fielding unwanted calls likely from RedCloud9 LLC, here are some tips to stop the harassment:

  • Don’t engage – Ignore the calls if possible. Don’t press buttons or speak with representatives.
  • Block the numbers – Use call blocking apps and phone carrier services to block their numbers.
  • Place on do not call list – Register your number with the FTC’s National Do Not Call List.
  • Report them – File formal complaints with the FTC and FCC to report illegal robocalling practices.
  • Screen unknown calls – Utilize anonymous call rejection and screening to prevent harassment.
  • Never pay or share information – Never provide payment or personal data to unverified parties over the phone.

While RedCloud9 LLC’s practices are unethical and annoying, they likely fall into the grey zone of being unscrupulous rather than outright illegal in most cases. But by understanding their scammy motives and utilizing call blocking tools, you can spare yourself the headaches.

Final Thoughts

Ongoing telemarketing robocalls from RedCloud9 LLC are a nuisance that can easily inundate one’s phone on a daily basis. But by recognizing their dubious intentions and refusing to engage with their high-pressure tactics, you can protect yourself and avoid becoming an unfortunate victim.

Utilize common-sense precautions, don’t fall for exaggerated sales pitches, and take steps to block their intrusive calls. With persistence, you can regain peace of mind and keep your finances protected.

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