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French startup SendinBlue, a leading email marketing and CRM platform, recently announced that it is rebranding as Brevo. This change comes after a decade of rapid growth and evolution for the company.

Why Change the Name After 10 Years?

  • SendinBlue was founded in 2012 as an email marketing service. However, the company has expanded into a full CRM platform over the past decade.
  • Today, only 31% of Brevo’s clients solely use its email marketing capabilities. The majority utilize the broader CRM and marketing automation features.
  • As the product offering matured, SendinBlue outgrew its name which focused on “send” and email.
  • A new brand identity was needed to align with the company’s expanded capabilities beyond email.

The Meaning Behind the New Brevo Brand

New Brevo Brand
  • Brevo comes from the word “bravo,” which celebrates success.
  • It represents Brevo’s confidence in their clients’ ability to grow using the platform.
  • The “a” is replaced with an “e” to add energy and make the name unique.
  • Brevo signals an exciting new chapter focused on building relationships between the company, clients, community, and partners.

Brevo by the Numbers

  • Founded: 2012
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Funding: $200+ million
  • Global offices: 7
  • Employees: 700+
  • Customers: 180,000+ in 120+ countries

What’s Next for Brevo

Brevo will continue expanding its product suite to meet the changing needs of customers. The rebrand ushers in a new phase focused on facilitating highly personalized marketing experiences. Although the name is new, Brevo maintains the same core mission – to empower businesses of all sizes to build lasting customer relationships.

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