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Roadget is a technology platform and logistics provider that partners with delivery companies like DHL to provide same-day delivery services. Roadget enables businesses to offer fast, flexible delivery to their customers.

How Roadget Works with DHL

  • Roadget integrates with ecommerce stores and order systems
  • When an order is placed requesting same-day delivery, Roadget receives the order details
  • Based on delivery address, Roadget identifies the optimal driver in their network to fulfill the delivery
  • The driver picks up the order from the store or warehouse and delivers it to the customer on the same day

Benefits of Same-Day Delivery

For businesses:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Higher order values
  • Competitive edge over retailers with slower shipping

For consumers:

  • Receive purchases urgently on-demand
  • Avoid waiting days or weeks for delivery
  • Instant gratification and fulfillment of purchase

How Roadget Leverages the DHL Network

  • DHL has large established infrastructure and routes across countries
  • Roadget taps into DHL’s drivers to pick up ad-hoc same-day delivery orders between normal DHL stops
  • Provides additional earning opportunities for DHL drivers
  • Win-win model for both Roadget client businesses and DHL operations

Roadget Technology Features

Some key features in the Roadget platform:

  • Automated dispatch and routing
  • Real-time tracking and notifications
  • Customized delivery zone creation
  • Batch order processing
  • Inventory synchronization
  • Supports scheduled delivery windows
  • Mobile apps for drivers and recipients

Financial Model for Roadget’s DHL Delivery Service

  • Client business pays Roadget per same-day delivery made
  • Portion of this fee goes towards delivery pay for the DHL driver
  • Roadget takes remainder as platform and facilitation fee

Conclusion – What is Roadget Business DHL

Roadget enables DHL drivers to fulfill urgent same-day deliveries for businesses in between standard routes. Customers get speed and flexibility while Roadget and DHL benefit from an additional revenue channel. Leveraging the massive DHL logistics network opens up tremendous potential scale. The delivery market is poised for rapid growth as consumer expectations for fulfillment speed continues rising.

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