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We live in the age of computers and the internet, and software is present in almost every aspect of our lives. After you wake up in the morning, the first thing you may look for is your phone, which is loaded with software known as apps. From simple tasks like taking notes and managing your schedule to more complex tasks like banking, we all rely heavily on software throughout the day. Businesses and enterprises rely heavily on software to improve efficiency and execution.

The software makes our lives easier, but it comes at a cost. The more features there are, the higher the cost, which can be monthly or yearly.


PitchGround believes that education should be free and that software should be affordable and easy to use.

When you combine the two, you get a plethora of opportunities for everyone.

To truly make an impact, the team behind PitchGround has assembled what we call an Education-First approach to educate online businesses and provide them with affordable software solutions that were previously prohibitively expensive.

PitchGround is a unique SaaS Marketplace used for SaaS marketing specifically that helps early-tech companies to acquire early adopters.


There are hundreds of websites that can assist your business in growing. There is no shortage of resources for entrepreneurs, ranging from web hosting to security software to the most recent technological trends. With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the best fit for your business needs. Check out some of these sites like AppSumo and StackSocial if you’re looking for a new online partner without all of the hassle and headaches.

Both Appsumo and StackSocial provide some of the highest-rated apps on the market, as well as tools to help your business run more smoothly. What’s the best part? They offer steep discounts on everything they sell, so you can save money while still getting high-quality software.

Because software companies understand how difficult it is to keep customers, they want to ensure that their product is the only one you need for as long as possible. As a result, they offer substantial discounts on their products if you pay for them in advance or commit to a longer-term plan, such as annual billing. These deals are referred to as “lifetime” because your price will never increase after you purchase them. To entice customers, the majority of these deal sites offer lifetime deals.


Let’s take a look at what Appsumo and Stacksocial do first.

Noah Kagan founded a daily deal site for online tools and digital products in 2010. It’s a business-to-business version of Groupon. What is AppSumo’s goal? To assist small businesses in saving time and money by utilizing the most recent web apps. And to have a good time while doing it.

AppSumo must collaborate with digital product sellers and service providers who are willing to sell their products or services at a discount in order to offer these deals. Appsumo currently contains 3185 items. There are also freebies available as well as huge discounts of up to 90%.

You can narrow your search by categories, ratings, plan type, or price. Appsumo, for example, has 1158 lifetime deals.

StackSocial and AppSumo were both launched around the same time. It has grown steadily since then. StackSocial offers a variety of apps and tools. They provide discounts on a wide range of products, including home and kitchen appliances, design courses, and DIY tools. As a result, it is applicable to everyone, not just small business owners or marketers.


  • SaasPirate
  • Dealmirror
  • Dealify
  • Saasmantra
  • DigitalThink
  • DealFuel
  • SaaSWiz
  • Grabltd
  • Lifetimo
  • Earlyshark

These websites offer lifetime SaaS deals and software discounts. There are dozens of SaaS categories, including SEO, eCommerce, data analytics, CRM, and many more.

You can get great software at once-in-a-lifetime prices with over 90% discounts, and you won’t find deals like this again anytime soon. The offers on SaasPirate are made directly by the founders and developers. In their community, there are over 5200 entrepreneurs.


Akash Kumar and Di Singh founded DealMirror in 2016 to provide businesses with the best business-to-business software under one roof.

It is a platform that aims to bring together all B2B software providers at a low cost.

The mission of DealMirror is to empower individuals and businesses to obtain affordable software solutions for any need. They claim to have over a million customers in 82 countries and to provide 24-hour customer service.

DealMirror is a website that offers discounts to web developers and designers. Deals are only available for a limited time online.


According to dealify, they are the number one lifetime deal platform for growth hackers. It is an online platform that serves as a resource for growth hackers, founders, and marketers looking for discounts on digital marketing tools.

They offer a money-back guarantee of 30 days. They also have a Chrome and Firefox alert extension for lifetime deals. By simply adding the extension, you will not miss any deals. They are listing all Dealify deals as well as select AppSumo deals. There is no way to see specific category deals; instead, they are all listed.


SaasMantra was created as a community-driven platform to help entrepreneurs and founders connect with one another. It offers discounts on software as a service (SaaS) products such as marketing automation, CRM, eCommerce, and eLearning, among others. They have over 25K customers and a 30-day refund policy.

They have assisted over 300 SaaS founders in the development and expansion of their products. They also assist them in launching their products through carefully planned growth strategies.

Our mission is to serve our community by providing great deals on great digital products. They are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible at unbeatable prices. They currently have 11 deals on their page, with ten of them sold out. As a result, they only have one active deal.


DealFuel is a deal website that provides excellent discounts to web developers, designers, marketers, and businesses. Bloggers and freelancers will find it useful as well. On their website, they have 164 deals. They have a sorting option for easier deal navigation.

There is also a Deal Club. DealClub is a VIP Club for Web Developers and Web Designers only. Members get some exclusive deals for free and an additional 25% – 100% off on all deals.

DealFuel is a community where you can meet other entrepreneurs, learn from them, and find the tools you need to succeed. All of their offers include a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are only nine deals on their website, and they are all sold out. As a result, you may need to check their website from time to time to see if their deals have been updated.

It is yet another platform for lifetime deals for entrepreneurs. They are similar to Lifetime and Grabltd in that they curate deals from various websites. Their main goal is to provide the user with all of the best software lifetime deals in one place.

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