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Mymangareading.info is a popular manga site that offers free access to thousands of manga series, doujinshi, and anime-related content. With a huge library of English-translated mangas spanning many genres, it has become a go-to destination for manga fans. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about using mymangareading.info and leveraging its resources.

Overview of Mymangareading.info

Mymangareading.info is a manga aggregation site that compiles manga content from various sources into one place. It does not host or upload manga directly. The site is free to use and supported by ads.

Some key features include:

  • Massive manga library with 100,000+ chapters
  • Primarily English translated manga
  • Ability to read manga online or download chapters
  • Genres like action, romance, comedy, yaoi, etc.
  • Anime videos, AMVs, and other multimedia
  • Related content like drama CDs and illustrations
  • Browsing and searching by title, genres, etc.
  • Minimal ads compared to other aggregators

The site provides a centralized platform to instantly access a plethora of manga series without having to scour the web.

Browsing and Searching for Manga

There are a few ways to lookup manga series on mymangareading.info:

By genres – Navigate to the Genres menu and browse categories like Yaoi, Shounen Ai, Drama, Action, etc. Each has hundreds of related manga series to discover.

Search bar – Use keywords like manga title, character name, author name, etc to find matching manga.

Latest releases – Check the Latest Updates section for newly added manga chapters and series.

Rankings – See trending and top rated manga in each genre in the Leaderboard area.

Manga list pages – Alphabetical indexes let you directly browse manga starting with each letter.

When you find a manga that interests you, click on it to go to its info page. This displays a synopsis, character list, genre tags, chapter list, and related titles.

Reading Manga on Mymangareading.info

To start reading any manga, go to its info page and click on a chapter. This will open the manga reader. Use the arrow buttons on the reader or swipe left/right to paginate through all the pages.

The reader provides options to:

  • Switch between page by page or long strip scrolling
  • Zoom in/out
  • Enter fullscreen mode
  • Change reading direction to left-to-right or right-to-left
  • Add bookmarks while reading chapters

If you want to download a manga chapter, use the β€œDownload” button below the reader. This saves it in CBZ format which you can open on your device.

Creating an Account on Mymangareading.info

Making an account on mymangareading.info is free and provides some benefits:

  • Track reading history and bookmarks
  • Get notifications on new chapters
  • Customize reader settings
  • Submit manga requests
  • Rate and review manga
  • Comment on manga
  • Follow favorite manga for updates

To register, click Sign Up in the top menu. Provide your username, password and email. Verify your email to complete registration.

Log in anytime using the Log In option. Manage your profile, settings, bookmarks, and history through the My Info section.

Discovering New Manga to Read

Beyond search, mymangareading.info makes finding new manga to enjoy easy with its recommendations and discovery features:

  • View new manga recently added to the library on the home page
  • Get personalized manga recommendations based on your reading history
  • See curated manga lists like all-time popular, top-rated, and editor picks
  • Check the Latest Updates section for the newest manga chapter releases
  • Browse related and recommended titles on individual manga pages
  • See what’s currently trending on the leaderboards
  • Use advanced search filters to find untapped manga by release year, status, etc.

Take advantage of these features to expand your reading list with exciting new manga across every genre.

Downloading Manga from Mymangareading.info

Mymangareading.info allows free downloading of all manga as individual chapter files. To download any manga chapter, open it in the reader and click the Download button.

The chapters will be saved in CBZ format. This compressed comic file can be opened on most modern devices. Some tips for downloading manga:

  • Use a ZIP file extractor tool to read CBZ files on your computer
  • Open CBZ files on tablets/phones using a compatible manga reader app
  • Download only 5 manga chapters per hour to avoid download limits
  • Make an account to unlock higher download quotas
  • Keep downloads for personal offline use instead of mass redistribution

Downloaded manga chapters from mymangareading.info allow you to build your very own custom manga library.

Is Mymangareading.info Legal and Safe?

Mymangareading.info occupies a gray area in terms of manga copyrights. It is considered an unofficial scanlation site since all manga is uploaded without authorization from publishers. However, it is used globally by millions of manga fans.

The site itself is safe to use and virus free. There are no shady promotional offers, pop-ups, redirects or malware risks on the site. As an aggregator, it does not actually host any manga content directly. Users should keep downloaded manga for personal use only.

Overall, mymangareading.info is considered relatively safe for reading manga online if you take basic precautions. Using an adblocker is recommended to avoid any obtrusive ads.

Alternatives to Mymangareading.info

Some other manga sites to consider beyond mymangareading.info include:

  • MangaDex – Large manga library with community uploads.
  • Mangakakalot – Another huge manga aggregator site.
  • Mangago – Offers manga, manhwa and manhua.
  • MangaFox – Features manga with fewer ads.
  • Manganelo – Good collection of translated manga.
  • MangaRock – Apps and site for reading manga mobile.
  • ComicWalker – Legit free manga from publishers.
  • Crunchyroll – Popular official manga publisher platform.

Each site has its own pros and cons relating to library size, ads, formats, and legitimacy. Mymangareading.info stands out for its sheer manga volume and lack of intrusive ads compared to most competitors.


Mymangareading.info provides an unparalleled collection of free English-translated manga online spanning every genre imaginable. It’s a top destination amongst manga readers thanks to its smooth reader, extensive library, and wide device support. Just take care to use the site safely, avoid excessive downloading, and consider supporting official releases.

By leveraging mymangareading’s search tools, recommendations, and community features you can expand your manga palette indefinitely. Keep this guide handy as reference for effectively utilizing all mymangareading.info has to offer manga fans.

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