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Gina Colangelo is a businesswoman and media personality who garnered significant public attention in 2021 due to her affair with the UK’s former Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. Their relationship prompted Matt Hancock’s resignation from his ministerial role and also led to the breakdown of Gina Colangelo’s marriage. This blog post will explore Gina Colangelo’s background, net worth, current relationship status with Matt Hancock, personal life details, and more.

Gina Colangelo’s Net Worth

Gina Colangelo’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million according to multiple net worth estimation sites (Source: trendcelebsnow.com, The Cinemaholic). The bulk of her wealth has come from her successful career working in communications and management roles over the past two decades.

She has served as a non-executive director within the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care, as well as the Communications Director for the British retail store chain Oliver Bonas which was founded by her ex-husband (Source: Tatler). Her income from these professional roles, in addition to other business investments and assets, amount to her estimated million dollar net worth.

Where is Gina Colangelo Now?

As of late 2022 and early 2023, Gina Colangelo is residing in London, England alongside former Health Secretary Matt Hancock with whom she currently shares a home (Source: Metro).

The two have been spotted together at public events like the UK premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water in December 2022, indicating they are still very much a couple (Source: Daily Mail).

Earlier in 2022, Gina was pictured on a vacation in the Swiss Alps with Matt Hancock, showing that they have integrated their lives and are travelling together (Source: The Mirror). All signs show that nearly two years on from the initial revelations of their affair, Gina Colangelo and Matt Hancock remain romantically involved while based in London.

Is Gina Colangelo Still Married?

No, Gina Colangelo and her husband of 12 years, Oliver Tress, finalized their divorce in 2022 after separating the year prior (Source: Daily Mail).

Their split directly followed the exposure of Gina’s affair with Matt Hancock in June 2021, at which time she resigned from her position in government while also leaving Oliver.

Gina’s marriage to Tress was overshadowed by the scandal surrounding her relationship with Hancock. The former couple share three children together, who split their time between both parents’ homes after the very public and dramatic separation (Source: Edinburgh News).

Matt Hancock and Gina Colangelo’s Relationship

Matt Hancock and Gina Colangelo's Pictures

Matt Hancock and Gina Colangelo first crossed paths while they were students at Oxford University in the 1990s, although their romantic relationship did not begin until 2021 (Source: The Independent).

In June 2021, details of Matt Hancock’s affair with aide Gina Coladangelo surfaced, including leaked CCTV footage proving their relationship. This led to Matt’s swift resignation as Health Secretary for breaking social distancing policies.

Hancock left his wife Martha Hoyer Millar after 15 years of marriage and swiftly consolidated his romance with Gina. Since late 2021, the couple have lived together in London and taken trips abroad as Hancock attempts to repair his image after the affair (Source: Daily Mail).

Both Hancock and Colangelo maintain that authentic feelings are behind their controversial relationship. However, Gina has preferred to remain out of the public eye since leaving her role in government.

Gina Colangelo’s Age

Gina Colangelo is currently 43 years old, as she was born in 1979 according to most reports, although her exact birth date has not been shared publicly (Source: NextAu).

She attended Oxford University in the 1990s alongside Hancock, meaning she is around the same age as the British MP who is 44.

Very little information has been made public about Gina’s early life and upbringing. But it is known she was born and raised in the UK as a British native prior to meeting Matt Hancock during their post-secondary studies.

Summary of Gina Colangelo’s Background

To summarize her background, Gina Colangelo graduated from the reputable University of Oxford in England during the 1990s era where she first became acquainted with her current partner Matt Hancock (Source: KnowInsiders).

Professionally, she took on the role of a non-executive director within the Department of Health and Social Care during Matt Hancock’s tenure. She resigned this position when their affair was exposed in 2021.

For over 12 years while married to Oliver Tress up until 2021, Gina served as the Communications Director for British retailer Oliver Bonas which her ex-husband founded and ran as CEO (Source: Tatler).

She has over two decades of managerial and communications experience that has contributed to her million dollar net worth. However, she has evaded the spotlight since her scandal erupted.

Gina Colangelo’s Children

Gina Colangelo shares three children with her former husband, entrepreneur Oliver Tress – but very little detail is known about her kids as she has protected their privacy from the media (Source: Metro).

It is known that her children split time residing with Gina and Oliver’s respective homes after their separation, as is common for most divorced parents sharing custody (Source: Edinburgh News).

The names, ages, genders and any other specifics related to Gina Colangelo’s children have been kept strictly confidential. Gina reportedly returned to using her maiden name after divorcing Tress, so her children’s last name is speculated to still be Tress.

Gina Colangelo’s Daughter

While Gina’s three children’s identities remain properly concealed, it has been reported by certain sources that she has at least one daughter out of the three offspring (Source: KnowInsiders).

No further valid or ethical details regarding her children are available to provide as Gina has rightfully ensured her family stays out of the public eye after she made headlines in 2021 along with Matt Hancock.

The rights to privacy for her children supersede public curiosity, so their information remains undisclosed.

Gina Colangelo on Social Media

Searches for Gina Colangelo’s social media presence indicate she does not currently have publicly accessible accounts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (Source: IDCrawl).

This seems to align with her general avoidance of publicity following the exposure of her affair with Matt Hancock that was caught on camera.

Outside of necessary appearances alongside Hancock, Gina Colangelo has demonstrated a clear desire to live her life privately out of the scrutiny of the media and public opinion. As such, she cannot be found on any social media pages.

Contact Information

For the reasons outlined regarding Gina Colangelo’s intentional absence from public platforms like social media to maintain privacy, there is no obvious way for the general public to directly contact her (Source: Veripages).

As a private citizen who purposefully avoids the spotlight, she does not share any professional or personal contact information publicly. Any correspondence would likely need to go through intermediaries from her inner social or professional circle on her behalf.

Important FAQs Below are some frequently asked questions relating to key details about Gina Colangelo’s situation:

Who is Gina Colangelo married to now? She is believed to still be romantically involved with Matt Hancock as of 2023 but they have not married. Gina finalized her divorce from ex-husband Oliver Tress in 2022.

How old was Gina Colangelo when she met Matt Hancock? They both attended Oxford as young students in their late teens/early 20s in the 1990s, so she was around 20 years old.

What is Gina Colangelo’s background and nationality? She is British born and raised in the UK, descending from Italian lineage. Her grandparents were Italian immigrants.

What role did Gina Colangelo have in government? She was appointed a non-executive director position in the Department of Health and Social Care by Matt Hancock during his tenure.

How many kids does Gina Colangelo have? She shares three children with her former husband Oliver Tress, but their names and ages have not been publicized.

Is Gina Colangelo wealthy or rich? What is her net worth? Yes, her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million from her own career success and assets from her former marriage settlement.

Where is Gina Colangelo now and where does she live? She is based in London, England currently living with Matt Hancock as of 2023 in his apartment according to reports.

What does Gina Colangelo do for work and what is her career?
Her career background is in communications and management roles, including serving as Communications Director for retailer Oliver Bonas founded by her ex-husband.

How can you contact Gina Colangelo or her representatives? There is no clear public contact information for Gina Colangelo. Reaching out would require communicating through any inner contacts that have access to her.

Has Gina Colangelo spoken publicly since her affair news with Matt Hancock? No, she has evaded giving interviews or making public statements to news media outlets regarding the highly publicized affair.


In summary, Gina Colangelo is a relatively private citizen who found herself thrust unexpectedly into the public spotlight due to her personal relationship with a high-ranking British politician, Matt Hancock. Details on her earlier life remain scarce, but her successful career and family life were disrupted following the exposure of her and Hancock’s affair.

She continues residing with Hancock in London as of 2023 having finalized her divorce from Oliver Tress, with whom she shares three children. While many questions surround the circumstances of her controversial affair, Gina Colangelo has intentionally avoided public visibility since resigning her government job in 2021. She maintains no public social media presence or contact availability, strictly controlling her family’s privacy. Although curiosity persists about her ties to Hancock, Gina Colangelo values confidentiality from media attention.

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