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With her sculpted physique and infectious confidence, Carriejune Anne Bowlby has inspired millions on social media to embrace fitness as a lifestyle. The 4’11” powerhouse, better known as “Miss Carriejune” to her legion of online fans, overcame insecurities about her height by transforming herself into a sponsored athlete and entrepreneur.

This in-depth profile covers everything you need to know about the fitness personality and business mogul Carriejune including key stats and FAQs, how she built her physique, highlights from her expanding career, and personal details most fans don’t know.

Key Stats on the Pint-Sized Fitness Influencer

Full NameCarriejune Anne Bowlby
NicknameMiss Carriejune
BirthdayFebruary 7, 1996
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, USA
Age27 years old (as of 2023)
WeightFluctuates 125-135 lbs
Body StatsSculpted, muscular physique from years of lifting weights and HIIT training
Relationship StatusCurrently single
FamilyParents Linda and (?); Sister Christine
ProfessionFitness Influencer, Entrepreneur, Sponsored Athlete
Years Active10+ years
Instagram@misscarriejune – 3 million+ followers
TikTok@misscarriejune – 2.8 million+ followers
FacebookCarriejune Anne Bowlby – 44,000+ followers
YouTubeMisscarriejune – 18,000+ subscribers
Brands/SponsorsWomen’s Best, 1st Phorm, Quest Nutrition, Ryderwear, Ford
CompanyOwner of Minibeast Official (apparel, supplements, equipment)
Net Worth$3 million (estimated)
Awards & RecognitionSponsored athlete for many top supplement/apparel brands
Signature LiftsSumo squats, hip thrusts, stiff leg deadlifts (315+ lb deadlift max)
DietHigh protein, complex carbs, monitors fats intake especially when prepping for shows
Quest Protein Bar FlavorsCookie Dough, Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake (via Instagram)
Other Fun FactsCompeted in several past NPC Bikini competitions, played field hockey & ran track in high school

Born Carriejune Anne Bowlby on February 7, 1996 in New Jersey, the woman behind the “Miss Carriejune” brand stands at a petite 4’11” according to her own Facebook posts. Her other key stats and contact info include:

  • Net Worth: $3 million (per Bio Overview)
  • Weight: Fluctuates between 125-135 lbs leaning out for competitions (per Greatest Physiques)
  • Social Profiles:
    • Instagram (@misscarriejune): 3 million+ followers
    • TikTok (@misscarriejune): 2.8 million+ followers
    • Facebook (Carriejune Anne Bowlby): 44,000+ followers
  • Companies: Owner of Minibeast Official (apparel, supplements, equipment)

Shaping Her Physique Through Lifting, HIIT and More

Carriejune’s passion for fitness traces back to high school where she played field hockey and ran track according to Greatest Physiques. Her initial motivation to start training stemmed from insecurities over “looking like a 12-year old” in her words due to her short height.

Her weight training origins begin in the garage of her family home, using rusty barbells and plates leftover from her father. Soon Carriejune started frequenting conventional gyms up to 2-3 hours daily to learn proper form and train harder. Through heavy lifting combined with HIIT cardio, she put on nearly 40 lbs of muscle by age 27.

These days, Carriejune’s workouts mix lower and upper body days for maximum muscle stimulation. According to Greatest Physiques, leg/glutes sessions focus on barbell squats plus variations like sumo and Bulgarian split squats. She also prioritizes leg press, hip thrusts and stiff leg deadlifts in the 10-20 rep range.

On upper days, Carriejune hits chest, back, shoulders and arms through moves like bench press, bent over rows, overhead press and bicep curls. For cardio, she does 15-30 minutes of HIIT training several times a week rotating battle ropes, sled pushes and sprints. Her inspirational workout ethic extends through competitions where Carriejune routinely deadlifts 315+ lbs according to Fitness Volt.

To fuel her intense routine, Carriejune sticks to a high protein diet with plenty of lean meats, egg whites, protein shakes and complex carbs like oats and rice per Greatest Physiques. She limits fats and unnecessary sugars especially when prepping for shows. Carriejune also takes supplements like BCAAs, glutamine and pre-workouts but notes food is 85% of the fitness equation.

From Sponsored Athlete to Entrepreneur

Initially wanting to keep fitness as a personal hobby, Carriejune’s sculpted physique eventually garnered sponsors’ attention in her early 20s. She signed with leading supplement and apparel brands like Women’s Best and Ryderwear according to Profile Ninja. This exposure expanded her social media presence allowing Carriejune to resign from her full-time job to focus on content creation.

Her big business breakthrough came by launching her own company Minibeast Official in 2017 according to her LinkedIn. The fitness lifestyle brand specializes in apparel, supplements and equipment for anyone striving for their fitness goals. Minibeast also sponsors Carriejune as an athlete, supplementing her seven-figure income from merchandise sales and influencer promotions.

Carriejune further expanded her ventures into coaching by releasing an 8-week “Build Your Own Booty” program on her website. She provides online clients tailored meal plans, workout regimens and constant support as a digital personal trainer. While juggling multiple business endeavors, the fitness mogul still makes regular YouTube content highlighting her workouts, recipes and thoughts on the industry.

Thanks to her entrepreneurial success, Carriejune holds sponsorships from supplement biggies like Women’s Best, 1st Phorm and Quest Nutrition often posting about their products for her 3 million Instagram followers. She also partnered with Ford for a recent F-Series truck campaign according to her website. As one of the most recognizable faces in fitness, Carriejune’s expanding brand presence shows no signs of slowing down.

The Fitness Influencer’s Tight-Knit NJ Upbringing

Unlike many social media stars seeking fame in Los Angeles or New York City, Carriejune continues embracing her New Jersey roots despite the meteoric growth of her public image. Along with parents Linda and (?), she was raised in close proximity to sister Christine who shares a similar passion for health and fitness.

While Carriejune keeps specifics on her upbringing relatively private, she often expresses gratitude for early support from family that gave her confidence pursue weight training seriously. Tragically, her father passed away when Carriejune was very young which brought her even closer to her mom and sister.

Romantically, there is no evidence across Carriejune’s social channels of a current boyfriend or spouse. Tabloids speculated on a possible engagement to bodybuilder Steve Ace back in 2021 however that relationship apparently ended. For now, the popular influencer seems focused on her fitness empire and inspiring fans through her content above all else.

Answers to Pressing Questions on the Muscle-Bound Mogul

Over her decade in the public spotlight, fans and media alike constantly speculate on Carriejune’s relationship status, steroid use allegations, business plans and more. Here areanswers to some top frequently asked questions:

How tall is Carriejune Anne Bowlby? She confirms standing 4’11” without shoes in numerous Instagram captions and Facebook posts.

What supplements does Carriejune take? She primarily takes branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), glutamine powder and pre-workout formulas.

Is Carriejune natural or does she take steroids?
Carriejune adamantly denies every using steroids or other performance enhancers to build her physique. She credits consistency with diet and training since high school.

What gym does Carriejune train at? Based in New Jersey, she splits workouts between private gyms closer to home and trips to NYC-based facilities.

What is the Minibeast company founded by Carriejune? Her own fitness lifestyle company offering apparel, supplements and equipment. She runs every aspect alongside a small staff.

Does Carriejune have a boyfriend or husband currently?
No, the fitness influencer and business mogul appears currently single and focused on her career.

Did Carriejune compete as bodybuilder?
Yes, she previously competed in several National Physique Committee figure competitions until 2018.

How much can Carriejune deadlift?
Her max deadlift in competition stands at 315 lbs though likely more in offseason training.

The Miss Carriejune Effect: Uplifting Millions Worldwide

Very few fitness influencers cultivate such an inspirational, positive effect like Carriejune Bowlby. Despite criticism over her mega-lean physique or outspoken personality, she continues spreading messages of empowerment through fitness. Her “Beauty and the Beast” hashtag sums up Carriejune’smindset on focusing inward beauty despite discouraging societal perceptions.

Additionally, the peek into Carriejune’s background highlights immense personal obstacles she overcame like losing her father at a young age. Through her motivational yet no-excuses attitude, Miss Carriejune teaches millions daily that your limits primarily exist within your own mind.

Between customized online training programs and an ever-expanding apparel/supplement line, expect Carriejune’s entrepreneurial ventures to continue thriving for years. Ultimately through her fitness empire, relatable personality and sheer resilience, this multi-talented New Jersey native seems unstoppable in driving more people worldwide to better their bodies and lives.

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