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James from Unspeakable is 25 years old.

Quick Facts

  • 📸 Name: James Amendola
  • 📅 Date of Birth: October 10, 1997
  • 🏠 Birthplace: Indiana, USA
  • 📷 Instagram Followers: 134K
  • 🎥 TikTok Followers: 190.3K
  • 🏈 Career: Former Coaching Assistant/Returners Coach for a Las Vegas football team
  • 📚 Memoir: Shared aspects of his life through a memoir
  • 🌐 Online Presence: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, SoundCloud
  • 💼 Professional Experience: Six-Sigma certified roles in manufacturing processes
  • 🎉 Age (2023): 25 years old

James Amendola, born on October 10, 1997, in Indiana, USA, has emerged as a prominent social media influencer and Instagram personality, captivating audiences with his lifestyle and athletic photos. With his engaging content and dynamic personality, James has successfully carved a niche for himself in the competitive world of social media, amassing a substantial following across various platforms.

Instagram Presence

James’s Instagram is a vibrant tapestry of his life, interests, and experiences, showcasing a mix of lifestyle and athletic photos. With 134K followers, his Instagram account is a testament to his popularity and influence, where he shares glimpses of his life, interests, and athletic pursuits, connecting with his audience on a personal level.

TikTok Endeavors

Beyond Instagram, James has extended his social media presence to TikTok, where he focuses on humor and entertainment, earning 190.3K followers and 522.4K likes. His TikTok content is a blend of fun, entertainment, and humor, reflecting his versatile personality and creative approach to content creation.

Diverse Career Experiences

Before stepping into the world of social media, James Amendola had a brief stint as a coaching assistant/returners coach for a Las Vegas football team, showcasing his passion for sports and leadership skills. His diverse career also includes experience in Six-Sigma certified professional roles related to manufacturing processes, highlighting his multifaceted skill set and adaptability.

Memoir and Personal Insights

James has shared aspects of his life through a memoir, offering a deeper insight into his experiences, thoughts, and journey. This memoir is a reflection of his life’s journey, allowing his followers to understand the man behind the social media persona better.


James Amendola is a multifaceted personality, balancing his roles as a social media influencer, former coaching assistant, and Six-Sigma certified professional. His journey from Indiana to social media stardom is marked by his passion, versatility, and connection with his audience. With his substantial online presence and continuous endeavors in content creation, James Amendola continues to inspire and entertain, leaving his fans eagerly awaiting his next move. Whether it’s through a humorous TikTok video, an athletic Instagram photo, or insights from his memoir, James brings a unique and refreshing perspective to the social media landscape.

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