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A2zwordfinder.com is a popular free online word finder and dictionary tool used by thousands of puzzle and game enthusiasts. With cheat helpers for everything from Scrabble to crosswords, it has become a go-to resource for players looking to boost their skills. This comprehensive guide covers how to utilize all the features of A2zwordfinder to win more word games.

Overview of A2zwordfinder

A2zwordfinder is essentially an anagram solver, word descrambler, and word pattern matching tool. It allows you to input groups of letters or known letter positions from puzzles and games, then generates all valid words from them.

The site was created in 2007 by puzzle experts as a free resource to help people solve and win word games. It draws from several dictionaries like SOWPODS, TWL, OSPD, and more depending on the game choice.

Some of the many word games and puzzles it assists with include:

  • Scrabble – Official dictionary cheat for high score words
  • Words With Friends – Fast cheat helper for WWF
  • Crosswords – Reveals words for incomplete puzzle grids
  • Anagrams – Quickly unscrambles jumbled letters
  • Jumble – Solves letter mixes into real words
  • Wordox – Cheat for this Wordox word game
  • Literati – Helps solve puzzles from this game
  • Lexulous – Cheat using Lexulous word lists

Along with these popular word games, it also works for any game involving arranging letters into words. The site is completely free to use without ads or sign ups.

Using the Scrabble Cheat Helper

One of the most popular uses of A2zwordfinder is as a Scrabble cheat and word finder. To start enter your rack letters into the Scrabble Form. Hit Search and it will show every possible word you can play sorted by point value.

You can also enter letters already played on the board and find words that will interlock with them for bonus points. Use the advanced sorting options to show 3-letter, 4-letter words first as they are easier to place.

The Scrabble cheat pulls from the official SOWPODS dictionary used in tournament play outside North America. For American players, switch to the TWL dictionary via the form menu.

Save interesting Scrabble words you might want to play later by clicking the blue + button next to them. When done playing, clear your rack and saved words for a fresh start.

Using the Anagram Solver

A2zwordfinder makes an excellent anagram solver for quickly unscrambling words within groups of letters.

To use it, simply enter your jumbled letters into the Anagram Form. Common sources of anagrams include newspaper puzzles, game shows, trivia questions, and coding puzzles.

Hit the Search button and the tool will rapidly reveal every rearrangement that forms an actual word using your letters. It even sorts results from longest to shortest word.

For very long letter sets, start by having it only show words that use all the letters to quickly see if a phrase is hidden inside. The anagram solver works for any language supported by selecting a dictionary.

Finding Words for Incomplete Crossword Puzzles

When stuck on a tricky crossword puzzle, let A2zwordfinder suggest words that fit the known letters and blank pattern.

Enter the across or down number in the Crossword Form along with any revealed letters for that row or column. Use an asterisk * for each unknown square.

Hit the Search button and every word filling the length and known letters will appear. This crossword helper works for any level puzzle and wide range of clue themes.

Save yourself endless time trying random letter combinations and let the crossword solver find all options you can try. It’s a foolproof way to finally complete that stubborn incomplete grid.

Winning at Words With Friends

A2zwordfinder offers a full Words With Friends cheat dictionary to give you the edge over opponents.

To use it, simply enter your rack letters then click Words With Friends mode in the top menu bar. The results will now only show words playable in WWF.

You can also enter board letters to find words that will connect for bonus points against friends. Use the Sort By points button to quickly see the highest scoring words to play first.

The Words With Friends helper allows you to save words without leaving the page for easy access later. Clear everything when your game is over.

Tips for Using A2zwordfinder More Effectively

  • Use the advanced sorting options to prioritize key word lengths or letters like Q, Z, X that are tough to play
  • Filter results by word length using the menu to only show short or long words as needed
  • Compare words shown to what’s on your game board to find connects
  • Use the Word Verification tool to check if an unsure word is acceptable
  • Bookmark saved results pages to easily pick up games where you left off
  • Switch dictionaries if you play games with international rules
  • Copy interesting words into a text file to study letter patterns for future games
  • Click the green Replay button to quickly rerun a search with new letters
  • Share difficult puzzles with the image tool to crowdsource help on social media

Why A2zwordfinder is a Top Word Game Tool

There are many reasons A2zwordfinder stands out as a top word game and puzzle cheat site:

  • Completely free – No paid subscriptions or limits on use required
  • No ads – Clean clutter-free interface for distraction-free solving
  • Fast results – Powerful word generator gives instant solutions
  • Works offline – Results pages can be bookmarked and accessed again later
  • Multi-game capable – Helps you win at Scrabble, WWF, crosswords, and many more
  • Ideal for education – Useful for teachers designing word games for students
  • Sharable – Create images of puzzles to share with friends for help
  • Adaptable sorting – Prioritize key words and custom word lengths
  • Saves favorite words – Select interesting words to revisit while playing
  • Modern interface – Streamlined responsive design on any device

The vast word lists, smart search logic, and ability to use it for free make A2zwordfinder a top choice for serious players looking to boost their skills and win rates.

Downsides of A2zwordfinder

While A2zwordfinder has many benefits, there are some downsides to consider:

  • It’s an aid only – won’t physically play games or come up with strategy for you
  • Requires Internet access – can’t use it offline unless you bookmark result pages
  • Word lists not exhaustive – may miss newer slang or pop culture words
  • Some word games not covered – focused on the most popular puzzles
  • Site design is dated – retains a classic 2000s style vs modern polish
  • Lacks advanced filters – can’t narrow by word prefixes, suffixes, etc.
  • No mobile app – must access via web browser only

However, it remains one of the most full-featured free word game helpers available online today.


A2zwordfinder lives up to its reputation as one of the top word resources for puzzle and game fans. With an intuitive interface, vast word lists, and tons of tools that provide customizable solutions, it’s easy to see why it has become a go-to cheat site.

While learning strategies and practicing real gameplay skills are still important, taking advantage of aids like A2zwordfinder can give you an edge. Just be sure to use it as a supplement to improve your own vocabulary and smart word selection.

By mastering all the advanced search and filtering functions A2zwordfinder offers, you’ll be on your way to winning more at Scrabble, crosswords, Words With Friends, and any word game you play.

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