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LearnDash is built for simplicity of use and useful courses; however, the lack of user interface (UI) elements is undeniable. While LearnDash is a useful standalone plugin, the Uncanny Toolkit Pro plugin makes it much easier to manage your company’s courses and students from one page.

The Uncanny Toolkit LearnDash Pro plugin makes it simpler to operate your LearnDash site by automating quizzes and courses, improving the user interface for short administrative chores, and adjusting group projects and conversations. It’s also ideal for presenting certificates.

In this article, weโ€™ll discuss the numerous group improvements and management suggestions, along with how you can make the UI much easier to handle. Finally, weโ€™ll cover the dozens of beneficial reasons to choose this paid plugin.

Group Adjustments for Uncanny Toolkit Pro

If your LearnDash course is based on group communication, thereโ€™s no denying the necessity of using Uncanny Toolkit Pro.

It’s full of community-focused technologies that make it much easier for everyone to join, share, and connect with one another.

Try out some of the following features if you download this plugin:

Uncanny Toolkit Pro

Set collective habits rather than individual ones. You can alter the entire group rather than doing it individually if you wish to establish certain actions. This strategy may save you a lot of time whether you have hundreds or thousands of pupils or just a few.

To make certain courses expire, set start and completion dates. Group expiry dates, according to Uncanny Toolkit Owl, are some of the most valuable elements throughout the software. Some quizzes and courses are only available for a limited period or are timed to coincide with holidays or other occasions, so they should expire.

Change the user interface or login page for certain groups of individuals. When signing onto their group discussion board, people may come across distinctive cosmetic designs, such as color combinations or group-related artwork.

Create a registration page for certain communities and groups. Your students may enroll in as many courses and groups as they like without having to purchase the entire package. Because they’ll feel more at ease refining their search results, you’ll gain a lot more subscribers.

UI Improvements of the Uncanny Toolkitโ€™s LearnDash Plugin

Although LearnDash has a user-friendly layout, there aren’t always enough tools and customizable options.

Uncanny Toolkit is well worth the money if you want to step it up a notch and have greater control over the design and what your pupils can see. The Pro edition comes with a lot of features.

When you update to the Uncanny Pro Toolkit, you can expect the following four UI improvements:

For each course, quiz, or group, you may change the colors and logos. Users can tell when they’ve moved through the course by changing the look. It also changes the cosmetic layout so that nothing appears the same. Changes in group color can create a sense of belonging.

Choose which admin tools each teacher has access to on the top bar. Uncanny allows you minimize or expand the tools on the top bar if you and your staff have too many UI buttons. It’s a terrific technique to limit who has access to the software.

Use a progress bar to show users how far they’ve progressed. Because everyone likes to know how near they are to finishing a course or exam, why not include a progress bar at the bottom? You can motivate and inspire them to keep moving forward.

To keep your pupils on their toes, consider including a timer. Timers are useful for folks who don’t have the motivation to complete a course. A timer is also beneficial since it tells them how quickly they completed the quiz and where they need to improve.

Autocomplete Options in Uncanny Pro

The goal of auto-completion is to save time. You’re wasting crucial time if you’re stuck doing every activity for thousands of people.

BuddyBoss delves into the many autocomplete possibilities available by this application in this piece. He goes over everything from installing the plugin to enabling different modules.

Autocomplete subjects, expired courses, quizzes, collaborative projects, and other features are among them.

Auto-completion may appear easy, yet it may save hundreds of hours spent manually checking each box. It also allows you to allocate duties to staff that has a direct impact on client development and service.

Note: If you’re concerned about autocompleting too many tasks, you may use the checkbox option to mark everything as complete.

Additional Benefits of the Uncanny LearnDash Add-on

Because the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro plugin contains so many different features, it’s tough to lump them together. We’ll go over a list of other features you can use in this section.

Email may be used to import groups and people from other systems. Uncanny Owl advises that if you’re migrating from another service or plugin, you may put them all in a file and move them together. You’ll save a lot of time without requiring your users to do anything.

To improve the speed and performance of your website, enable lazy loading. Images and movies that are lazy-loaded load as the user scrolls. They will not load at the same time, saving space and preventing the website from lagging or slowing down.

The entire toolset is made up of big, easy-to-use tools. You don’t have to be concerned about accidentally introducing a new feature because everything is properly labeled. Furthermore, the business delivers excellent customer service at all times of the day.

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