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An online proxy tester is a beneficial tool designed to test and debug web applications and websites by way of an intermediary proxy server. It can be achieved by using the online proxy verifier. 

The reasons for using online proxy testers

The best thing about an online proxy tester is that it will help you browse anonymously. The data is routed via a proxy server, which requests resources instead of you; hence, sites will only pick up the IP address of the latter rather than your appliance. As a result, confidentiality is retained while enabling the ability to get around regional barriers concerning particular web content. Often, journalists invest in anonymous tools like this one.

For instance, many websites limit access to their videos or music depending on a user’s geographical area if they happen to be outside the defined country borders. You may fool the site into believing that you are in some other location with the right to view such content by routing your traffic through a proxy in another city/area. Therefore, to understand whether geo-restricted functionality/content works for users from other regions, one can virtually move oneself there.

Web application performance must work well for its clients wherever they are located worldwide since businesses operate over the net today. Using these tools, one can go through proxies across different parts of the world to see how their target URL would behave differently when accessed from any other city or country worldwide. Basically, they dictate the speed of a website as well as its accessibility from various locations which in turn is indicative of problems faced by users in specific areas.

Besides differences in location, sites need to function correctly on diverse devices, including mobile phones with small screens and resolutions and desktop computers having larger sizes and resolutions, among others already mentioned above. For this purpose, you should find an online proxy service that emulates a range of user agents and screen resolutions. Instead of using real devices, you can validate that your web pages resize and adjust for any device by leveraging an online proxy service to mimic various user agent settings and screen resolutions. It increases the speed of testing responsive design because testing on devices takes time.

However, scanning scans directly from known IP addresses may allow sites to differentiate potential tools from genuine security auditors. It is where user anonymous tools like these come in handy as penetration testers can perform their assessments without exposing the sources of their scans that gives even more credible results.

In many cases, external websites or applications cannot be accessed within enterprise IT setups due to firewall policies set in place. In such situations, remote employees over corporate networks can employ online proxy services, thus escaping these internal prohibiting rules justified by business purposes. Thus allowing employees certain flexibility while keeping the corporate network locked down for non-essential traffic only.


Proxy testers add an extra anonymity and location layer that allows you to understand better what users get. As development environments, web developers can evaluate software code while business system analysts can work on production systems. Such tests are more dependable than ones usually performed on a static IP address desktop computer located in one country.

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