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Melli Monaco, a name synonymous with eclectic artistry and vibrant personality, is a multifaceted artist who has carved a niche for herself in the world of music and digital content creation. Born on 5th January 1990 in Neuilly-sur-Marne, a suburb of Paris, France, Melli has been a beacon of unique style, sound, and swag, blending genres like hip-hop, dance music, and Afrobeat, creating a symphony of eclectic beats.

Early Life and Background

Melli Monaco was born and raised in Neuilly-sur-Marne, a picturesque suburb of Paris, France. Growing up in the cultural melting pot of Paris, Melli was exposed to a diverse array of music, art, and lifestyle, which significantly influenced her artistic journey. Her roots are deeply embedded in her Parisian upbringing, which reflects in her eclectic approach to music and content creation.

Physical Attributes

Melli stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs approximately 56 kg. Her physical stature complements her dynamic personality, making her a recognizable figure in the entertainment industry. Her complexion is a beautiful representation of her Black/French ethnicity, adding to her unique and diverse persona.

Age and Date of Birth

Born on 5th January 1990, Melli Monaco is 33 years old. Her upcoming birthday, a celebration of her vibrant life and successful career, will mark her 34th year of a journey filled with music, laughter, and learning.

Career and Professional Life

Melli Monaco is a renowned Musical Artist and YouTuber, who has successfully blended her passion for music and content creation. Her music is a harmonious blend of hip-hop, dance music, Afrobeat, and various other genres, creating a unique sound that resonates with a diverse audience. Melli’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of dating advice, vlogs, and hilarious anecdotes from her dating life, helping men navigate the complex world of relationships.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Melli is a proud Parisian, hailing from the cultural hub of France. Her ethnicity is a beautiful blend of Black and French, representing the diverse and multicultural fabric of Paris. This diverse background has significantly influenced her music and content, making her a versatile and relatable artist.

Religion and Beliefs

Melli Monaco is a Christian, and her faith plays a significant role in her life and artistic journey. Her beliefs are a guiding light, providing her with strength, wisdom, and inspiration in her personal and professional endeavors.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Melli Monaco has an estimated net worth of approximately $1.2 million USD. Her successful career as a musical artist and YouTuber has afforded her a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Melli recently found her $2.6M dream home, a testament to her hard work and dedication to her craft.

Experience with Colorism

Melli has openly shared her experiences with colorism in America, stemming from her French background. Her journey sheds light on the challenges and prejudices faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a dialogue on acceptance, equality, and respect for all.

Relationship Life and Dating

Melli Monaco is not just a musical artist but also a relationship guru. Her YouTube channel is filled with dating videos aimed at helping men understand the intricate dynamics of relationships. Melli takes her viewers on a ride through her hilarious dating life, sharing her experiences, learnings, and anecdotes, making her a relatable and loved figure in the online community.


Melli currently resides in her dream home, a symbol of her success and achievements. Her residence is a reflection of her vibrant personality and eclectic taste, a space where creativity and inspiration flow freely.


While there is limited information available on Melli Monaco’s educational background, her articulate and informed content suggests a strong foundation in education, which has played a pivotal role in shaping her worldview and artistic expression.


Melli Monaco is a vibrant and eclectic artist, a blend of diverse genres, cultures, and experiences. Her journey from the suburbs of Paris to the global digital stage is a testament to her talent, dedication, and unique artistic vision. Melli’s music is a symphony of eclectic beats, and her content is a mirror to her vibrant and relatable personality. Her experiences with colorism, her hilarious dating life, and her journey to find her dream home are chapters of a life lived fully, a melody of highs and lows, laughter and learning. Melli Monaco is not just an artist; she is a storyteller, a guide, and an inspiration, a beacon of eclectic artistry and vibrant life in the diverse and ever-evolving world of music and digital content creation.

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