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Visit the Posts tab of Page Insights and click on Post Types to learn how videos contribute to your total reach and engagement. This will provide a list of your posts as well as their average engagement. Understanding what sorts of articles generate the greatest reach and interaction can help you determine what to include on a regular basis in your content schedule.

Individual Video Metrics

Metrics at the video level are provided in Page Insights. Go to the Posts tab in your Page Insights to check analytics for your video. Scroll down to ‘All Posts Published’ to see all of the posts you’ve published on your Page. When you click on the post title for your video (which is denoted with a video camera symbol), you will be sent to your video stats for that post.

The All Posts Published list will provide you with a fast glimpse of your posts’ individual reach and interaction. If a certain article has done well and you want to expose more people to your material, you may select to promote it here or a significant post did not receive the attention they deserved. You may also filter by Fans/Non-Fans to have a better understanding of the audience you touched.

Retention of video

The audience retention graph depicts the retention of your video over time. Hovering over the graph shows which frame in your video correlates to which period and percentage of retention.

You’ll also see the average view time, total video views for the first 28 days of your video’s life, and the number of people that viewed your video for 30 seconds to the right of your video (or to completion if you video is less than 30 seconds).

The stats will be divided into unique vs. repeat views by default, but you may adjust this to filter for auto-played vs. clicked-to-play or paid vs. organic views.

Retention of video
Retention of video

Video Engagement

Engagement is the best indicator of how well your video was received by your target audience. You can better tailor your content to your audience and reach new individuals if you learn what sorts of videos encourage viewers to take action.

Determine the cause of a video’s high negative feedback rate and take appropriate action. You should expect to receive some unfavorable comments on every post with a high reach, but if you notice a surge in negative feedback for a specific post, you should investigate the core cause.

Views of your video

A section detailing clicks for your video post may be found on the Post tab of your video stats. There are three sections in this section: Clicks to Play, Link Clicks, and Other Clicks.

Clicks to Play indicate how many times your video began to play after someone clicked on it. Link Clicks display how many times someone clicked a link in your article if you included one. Finally, Other Clicks shows how many times people clicked on other components of your article, such as your Page title, links to ‘See More,’ or your Video’s Call-to-Action.

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