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Floridaguntrader.com is a popular online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading firearms and accessories in Florida. With thousands of listings across the state, it has become a go-to resource for many gun owners and enthusiasts in the area. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using Floridaguntrader, from creating an account to safely completing transactions.

What is FloridaGuntrader?


Floridaguntrader is an online classifieds site exclusively focused on firearms. Launched in 2007, it allows residents of Florida to list firearms and accessories for sale and review listings posted by others. Categories on the site include handguns, rifles, shotguns, tactical weapons, knives, and collecting.

The site was created to provide a free platform for firearm enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade guns with other local residents in a safe and legal manner. It aims to connect gun owners throughout the state who want to expand their personal collections without going through a licensed firearms dealer.

Key Features

  • Free classified listings for Florida residents
  • Thousands of new and used firearms listed daily
  • Advanced browsing and search tools
  • Secure messaging system between buyers and sellers
  • Option to list multiple guns in a single ad
  • Categories for all types of firearms and accessories
  • Detailed listing descriptions with images
  • User rating system for buyers and sellers
  • Moderation team reviews listings

Creating A Floridaguntrader Account

Registering an account with Floridaguntrader is free and easy. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, username and password. Make sure to use an email you check frequently, as all communications about your listings or inquiries will be sent there.

It’s recommended to use a username that doesn’t contain your real name or any personally identifiable information. Something generic like “gunenthusiast123” is fine.

Once your account is created, you can fill out your profile with information about yourself, your firearm experience and collection, and a profile picture if you choose. This helps build trust and reputation with other users.

Posting Ads on Floridaguntrader

To buy or sell a firearm on Floridaguntrader, you’ll need to create a classified listing. Follow these steps:

  • Click โ€œPost Adโ€ on the homepage or top menu bar
  • Select the appropriate category for your firearm
  • Add an accurate title summarizing the gun make, model, etc.
  • In the description, include details like caliber, condition, special features, modifications, round count, etc.
  • Set a price or say โ€œbest offerโ€ if youโ€™re open to negotiation
  • Upload high quality photos showing all angles of the firearm
  • Select the region of Florida youโ€™re in to help match local buyers
  • Preview your ad before submitting for review

Ads are reviewed by moderators before going live, so allow up to 24 hours for approval. Once published, your listing will appear in search results and the category you selected.

Browsing and Searching Listings

Floridaguntrader has over 50,000 firearms listings from all over Florida, so browsing online or using the search bar is the best way to find what you’re looking for.

You can filter or sort listings by:

  • Keyword or model name
  • Category like handguns or rifles
  • Manufacturer like Glock or Ruger
  • Caliber such as 9mm or 5.56mm
  • Condition – new, used, good, etc.
  • Price range
  • Location in Florida

Save searches for models or setup alerts so you get notified of any new listings matching your criteria. This lets you hone in on the exact used gun you want as soon as itโ€™s posted.

When browsing listings, carefully review each one for details, photos, and seller ratings. Look at their profile to learn more about them as a seller before reaching out.

Contacting Sellers on Floridaguntrader

Once you find a listing you’re interested in, click the โ€œContact Sellerโ€ button to send them a message through the siteโ€™s secure messaging system.

Introduce yourself, ask any questions not covered in the ad description, and indicate your interest in purchasing the firearm. Be sure to re-check the price and condition as the listing could be outdated if itโ€™s been up for awhile.

Many sellers list a preferred contact method in their profile such as phone, email or text. Use that if they provided one. Otherwise use the siteโ€™s messaging.

If the gun is still available, ask the seller if they have any flexible on the price and when you can see it. Also ask if they have any accessories like magazines or scopes for sale too.

Work out a time and public meeting place if you want to inspect the firearm in person before purchasing. Many listings indicate โ€œCash onlyโ€ so be prepared with funds if you do meet up.

Safely Completing Transactions

When buying guns online, safety for both buyers and sellers comes first. Here are some tips for secure floridaguntrader transactions:

  • Meet in a busy public place like a store parking lot, police station, or gun show
  • Only meet during daylight hours
  • Bring a friend as backup
  • Ask to see the seller’s valid ID, CCW permit, or CAC card
  • Carefully inspect the gun before purchasing
  • Complete required Form 4473 and run a background check
  • Only pay once inspection is done and you are taking possession
  • Pay with cash, money order, or cashier’s check – avoid personal checks
  • Get a bill of sale signed by the seller
  • Keep communication on floridaguntrader until after the transaction
  • Leave immediately if anything seems suspicious

Following these guidelines will help ensure your safety and make for a smooth transaction on both sides. Be particularly wary of brand new users with no previous sales or ratings on the site.

Buying and Selling Safely on Floridaguntrader

While Floridaguntrader provides a platform to connect Florida gun owners, users must be vigilant about conducting secure and legal transactions. Here are some top tips:

For Buyers

  • Verify the seller’s identity and check credentials
  • Inspect firearms thoroughly before purchase
  • Complete a Form 4473 and background check, required for all gun sales through an FFL or online
  • Pay only via cash, money order or cashier’s check. Avoid personal checks.
  • Ask for a bill of sale signed by the seller
  • Conduct transactions in a busy public place and bring backup
  • Trust your instincts – if it seems suspicious, walk away

For Sellers

  • Be wary of brand new buyers with no trading history
  • List only firearms you legally own and are allowed to sell as a private individual
  • Take high quality photos to post in your listing
  • Provide detailed descriptions including make, model, accessories, round count, etc
  • Price fairly based on condition, demand, and similar completed sales
  • Meet only in busy public places, during the day
  • Verify buyer’s identity and have them fill out Form 4473
  • Only accept cash, money order or cashier’s check as payment
  • Sign a bill of sale to transfer ownership

Following gun laws and secure transaction best practices will help keep both parties safe when buying and selling firearms online through sites like Floridaguntrader.

Is Floridaguntrader Safe?

Floridaguntrader is considered relatively safe for buying and selling guns online, but users should employ common sense and caution. The site has moderators who screen listings for illegality and scams. Feedback and rating systems also help identify trusted sellers and buyers. However, there is always risk meeting strangers online, hence the need to follow safety precautions.

As with any website, there are occasional fraudulent users and listings. It’s up to individual buyers and sellers to look out for red flags, protect themselves, and report anything suspicious using the siteโ€™s โ€œreportโ€ function. Legitimate criticisms of Floridaguntrader include inconsistent moderation and the inability to verify identities.

Overall, most interactions on the site go smoothly. But it comes down to personal judgement and gun safety know-how. If a deal seems too good to be true, or you feel uncertain about a seller, move on to other listings from highly rated users.

Pros of Buying and Selling on Floridaguntrader

For Buyers:

  • Huge local inventory of new and used guns all in one place
  • Avoid gun store markups by buying secondhand
  • Search tools make it easy to find a specific model
  • Can negotiate better deals directly with sellers
  • Save/share interesting listings to review later

For Sellers:

  • Free platform to sell your used guns locally
  • Easy listing setup with title, description, photos
  • Exposure to thousands of motivated gun buyers in Florida
  • Optional safe messaging system between buyers
  • Secure online payment options available

Cons of Buying and Selling on Floridaguntrader

For Buyers:

  • No guarantees items as described or working properly
  • Must vet sellers and use caution meeting strangers
  • Potential to buy illegally modified or defective guns
  • Extra steps to safely transfer firearms after purchase

For Sellers:

  • Have to create listings and communicate with interested buyers
  • No built-in nationwide background check system
  • Risk of no-shows, scams, or non-payments
  • Not a guaranteed sale like selling to a store
  • Must coordinate safe meeting places and times

While there are downsides, Floridaguntrader remains one of the most convenient platforms for private party gun sales in Florida. Just use good judgement when interacting and transacting.

Floridaguntrader Alternatives

Floridaguntrader is the largest online gun classifieds site specifically for Florida, but not the only option out there. Here are a few others to check out:

  • Armslist – Very similar classifieds site for posting and browsing gun listings by state. Also focuses on private party sales.
  • GunBroker – Popular auction-style marketplace to buy and sell firearms nationwide. Offers secure payment systems.
  • Texas Gun Trader – Top classifieds site in Texas with listings primarily from Lone Star State residents.
  • WikiArms – Consolidates listings from many different gun classifieds sites in one searchable database.
  • GunsAmerica – Specializes in new, used, and consignment gun sales with online ordering and shipping.
  • Local Gun Shops – Many Florida gun stores buy/sell/trade used guns and are licensed to conduct background checks.
  • Gun Shows – Attend local Florida gun shows to find private sellers and great deals on used guns.

While not as focused specifically on Florida, these sites give you more options to buy and sell firearms online safely.

Is Floridaguntrader Currently Down?

Floridaguntrader.com is currently active but has experienced some periodic downtime and outages few months ago. Various issues like server problems, DNS changes, or domain expirations could be to blame.

When the site is down, users may see error messages like โ€œThis site can’t be reachedโ€ or โ€œ500 – Internal server errorโ€. The floridaguntrader home page may fail to load at all when trying to access it.

Monitoring the Floridaguntrader Twitter account is a good way to check for updates on any outages. The account will often post updates if the site experiences problems. Users can also check sites like Downdetector to see if others are reporting issues accessing Floridaguntrader.

In the meantime, users may want to browse alternative sites like Armslist and Texas Gun Trader to find good deals on firearms in Florida for any planned purchases or sales during the outage.

Tips for Floridaguntrader Users

Here are some final tips for getting the most out of Floridaguntrader:

  • Thoroughly read listings details, view photos, and ask sellers questions before buying
  • Check user profiles and feedback ratings to identify trusted members
  • Be wary of brand new sellers – established members tend to be more reputable
  • Follow all laws and exercise caution when meeting strangers to transact
  • Avoid risky payment methods like wire transfers or prepaid cards
  • Conduct a safe inspection and background check prior to completing purchases
  • Leave feedback after transactions to improve site accountability and ratings
  • Report suspicious users or illegal activity directly to Floridaguntrader moderators
  • Be patient if the site experiences downtime – try alternatives until it’s back

The vibrant Floridaguntrader community offers convenience and variety when looking to buy or sell your next firearm. Just be sure to enter at your own risk, use sound judgement, and put your personal safety first in all interactions. Happy browsing and shooting!

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