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If you’re an educator looking for job opportunities in New Hampshire, EdJobsNH.com is an essential resource. As the official job site of the New Hampshire School Administrators Association (NHSAA), EdJobsNH.com posts openings from school districts across the state. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of using EdJobsNH.com to find your next education job in New Hampshire.

About EdJobsNH.com:

EdJobsNH.com is run by the NHSAA to connect educators to open positions in New Hampshire school districts. It’s the most comprehensive source of K-12 job listings in the state. The site gets over 50,000 visitors per month and posts 1,000+ jobs.

EdJobsNH.com has been the go-to job site for NH education recruitment since its launch in 2005. District administrators routinely post job openings on EdJobsNH.com, so it should be part of your job search strategy.

Creating a Job Seeker Profile:

To get started on EdJobsNH.com, you’ll first need to create an account. Click β€œSubmit Resume” on the top menu bar and then select β€œNew Job Seeker Account.” Provide your contact info and set up your username and password.

Next, you can build your EdJobsNH.com resume. The site gives you dedicated sections for education history, work experience, skills, and more. The resume builder also allows you to upload supporting documents like a cover letter, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and certifications.

Once your profile is set up, you can start applying for New Hampshire education jobs listed on the site. Make sure to fully complete applications and submit all required materials for the best chance of being noticed by recruiters.

Searching for Job Openings:

The job listings on EdJobsNH.com are searchable by keywords, location, job category, and more. You can browse openings statewide or filter your search by school district. There are separate sections for K-12 teaching jobs, administrative/leadership roles, support staff positions, and higher education jobs.

When you find an opening that interests you, click β€œApply Now” to be taken to the full job description and application on the district’s Applitrack site. Carefully review qualifications and follow all application instructions. You can save searches on EdJobsNH.com to get email alerts when new jobs are posted that match your criteria.

Uploading Your Resume:

As mentioned above, creating an EdJobsNH.com resume is simple using their builder tool. Your profile will be viewable by school district subscribers searching for candidates. Here are some tips for creating an effective EdJobsNH resumΓ©:

  • Provide detailed descriptions of your education, credentials, and work history. List specific courses taught, grades taught, subjects, and responsibilities at each position.
  • Emphasize relevant keywords, skills, and accomplishments that align with openings you’re targeting.
  • Customize your resume for each application rather than sending a generic version.
  • Be sure your document is error-free and easy to scan for recruiters. Use clear formatting and structure.

Networking Opportunities:

In addition to job listings, EdJobsNH.com provides resources for connecting with school leaders through the NHSAA. You can learn about upcoming association events, conferences, and professional development trainings. Attending these in-person and virtual gatherings can help build your professional network and get your name out there.

Following the NHSAA on EdJobsNH.com and social media is another way to stay on recruiters’ radar. Be sure to engage with any relevant online discussions and groups as well. Establishing relationships with administrators and fellow educators can uncover unposted openings.

Pro Tips for Your Job Search:

Here are a few pro tips to maximize your odds of success using EdJobsNH.com:

  • Set up job alerts and check listings frequently so you don’t miss opportunities. New jobs are posted daily.
  • Make sure your EdJobsNH profile is 100% complete. Put your best foot forward.
  • Follow application instructions closely. School districts may auto-reject incomplete submissions.
  • Let your personality shine through in your application materials. Show why you’re an excellent fit.
  • Follow up after applying to reiterate your interest and qualifications. Politely check on status.
  • Be prepared for screening calls, interviews, sample lessons, or any other required hiring steps.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a particular role. Persistence is key in the job search process.


EdJobsNH.com is the top choice for finding your next New Hampshire education job. Create a stellar profile, search openings regularly, and put your best foot forward on applications. With a comprehensive search plan utilizing EdJobsNH.com, you can land your ideal teaching or administration role. Stay persistent and show school leaders why you’re the perfect fit for their district. Best of luck with your NH education job search!

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