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Hello writers!

This is great news for you all that we are offering you an amazing opportunity to write for us in the small business and entrepreneur niche. This is the topic most people are interested to read about and writers want to write about.

We have a community that is a fast growing website with visitors who look for startup stories, articles and news. So being a writer it would be a dream come true for you if your word reaches a relatable audience. Here we offer you this amazing opportunity to write for us small business as guest bloggers and get visible.

What We Publish?

We have a main focus on startup stories, business content and entrepreneur blogs. We want writers for small business write for us who can write original content with quality. This is for informing the audience about how small and medium-size startups began their journey and the secret to their success. With a business startup write for us, you can inform us about different innovative ideas and strategies to make your business presence mark. The writers working for startups write for us can inform the audience how human resources, digital marketing, and all the other latest technologies are helping these new small businesses.

What You Should Follow for “Write for Us”?

These are a few guidelines that you should follow to get your work published for small business blogs to write for us.

1. Your content should be plagiarism free and unique. There is no room for content that is published elsewhere or you rephrased from somewhere. We are looking for unique and distinctive stories for our audience.

2. The blog content should be simple but catchy so the readers get engaged and hooked till the end.

3. You should do proper grammar and spell check before final submissions and the readability score should be good too.

4. You can make use of external links.

5. Your content should be properly formatted with H1, H2 tags for proper presentation of your work.

6. You can make use of examples from emerging startups and business for other’s inspiration.

7. Your small business marketing write for us should be 500 t0 700 words maximum.

8. There should be no misleading information in your content, otherwise we would have no other option to waste it. Also, make sure to give credits to all the sources you are collecting information from.

9. You can make use of relevant images, however, mention the source of images too.

10. You will send a list of topics and we will choose the one best topic for your entrepreneur submit a guest post.

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After we receive your content, then our editor goes through and we make changes if needed. We accept content from all individual writers, startup companies, freelancers or professional writers to write for us. Also, that would be great if we get content from bloggers, creators or startup founders. The core focus should be quality of the content with all the guidelines followed.