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Receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis is devastating news. This rare cancer is caused by asbestos exposure and has a poor prognosis. The expenses and suffering associated with mesothelioma can be overwhelming. Fortunately, hiring a skilled mesothelioma attorney gives you the best chance of getting justice and compensation. But with so many lawyers advertising their services, how do you choose the right one? Here are important tips for finding the best mesothelioma attorney.

Focus on Mesothelioma Experience

It’s crucial to choose an attorney who concentrates solely on mesothelioma and asbestos litigation. These cases are complex and require specific legal knowledge and resources. Avoid lawyers who dabble in mesothelioma while handling many other types of injury cases. Look for attorneys who dedicate their entire practice to asbestos lawsuits. They will have the expertise to maximize your compensation.

Find a Lawyer with a Proven Track Record

Your attorney’s success rate matters. Make sure to ask about their history obtaining settlements and verdicts for mesothelioma clients. Look for lawyers with a 98% success rate or higher. High settlement amounts and jury verdicts show their ability to get results. Be wary of attorneys who are evasive about their case results.

Select a National Law Firm

While you can find competent local lawyers, the best option is typically a national law firm for mesothelioma cases. Large firms have the staffing and resources to thoroughly investigate asbestos companies, find all sources of exposure, and build the strongest legal claim. An established national firm also has clout that garners higher settlements.

Choose Client-Focused Representation

Make sure the lawyer will give your case highly personalized attention. They should listen to your needs, guide you through options, and fully explain the legal process. Select a law firm that is known for compassionate client care. Avoid attorneys who seem rushed or disinterested. You want a lawyer who will fight tenaciously on your behalf.

Verify Licensure and Standing

Confirm that any attorney you’re considering is licensed in your state and has an active bar membership with no ethical complaints. It’s also a good sign if they have awards, honors, and recognition from legal organizations. These indicate respect in the legal community and a high level of skill.

Read Attorney Reviews

Checking independent attorney reviews helps assess reputations and expertise. Look for consistent 5-star ratings that mention professionalism, legal knowledge, and successful case results. Client reviews give insights you can’t find on law firm websites. Be wary of lawyers with poor reviews.

Get Expert Second Opinions

Make sure to consult with at least two or three of the top-rated mesothelioma law firms before deciding who to hire. Getting expert second opinions from nationally recognized asbestos attorneys helps you make an informed choice. Compare their track records, legal strategies, and potential case outcomes.

Consider Law Firm Resources

Opt for a law firm with ample resources to take on big asbestos companies. Ask about support staffing, partnerships with medical experts, in-house investigators, and affiliations with researchers. These assets allow a firm to build strong legal claims and maximize compensation for clients.

Discuss Legal Costs Upfront

The best mesothelioma attorneys work on a contingency fee basis so you pay nothing upfront or out-of-pocket. They receive an agreed upon percentage only if your case succeeds. Reputable lawyers won’t nickel and dime you with hidden costs. Get all financial terms in writing.

Prepare Questions to Ask

You should interview lawyers before hiring one. Make a list of questions to assess their experience, case results, legal fees, and resources. Their responses will help you determine if they are the right fit. A quality attorney will answer all questions thoroughly and honestly.

Finding an experienced, dedicated mesothelioma attorney gives you the best shot at a successful claim. Focus your search on lawyers with extensive asbestos litigation experience, top reputations, and a proven history of results. Taking time to research and ask the right questions helps you hire a great lawyer to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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